Whether we realize it or not, cushions have actually become an accessory for home décor, in fact, not only the cushion but the whole design of the cushion. Cushions are an innovative idea to decorate the couches and sofas of home. And talking about the various style options in cushion covers, the only sky is the limit. There are plenty of fabric options that you will never get short of options. There are many fabrics that are used in the manufacture of the cushions. However, the cushion covers decide that the cushions can get fit into which area of the home.

Moreover, the coverings of the cushion or the fabric used in the manufacture of the covers should be in accordance with the area in your home in which you are going to place the cushions. Just like, the cushions that are placed on the chairs or the sofas that are least used should need not be that much comfy and durable as compared to the cushions that are to be placed on the sofas or the couches that are used often. So, let’s have detailed information regarding the various fabrics used in the manufacture of cushion covers-

Simple Cotton and Linen: -

Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for manufacturing cushion covers as cotton and linen both are the easiest to clean. A cushion cover design made with cotton is the best one for the people who have sensitive skin as this is a natural fabric. However, you can experience crease or wrinkles in case of linen sometimes due to which these cannot be used in the drawing-room for the main sofa set.

Moreover, these kinds of fabrics cannot be used for the cushions that are to be placed on some outdoor furniture as these can be affected by color fading if you keep them for a long duration under the direct sunlight.

Beautiful Silk or Wool: -

Silk cushion covers are specifically designed to be used for decorative purposes in bedrooms or in the hall area. Wool is manufactured from animal hair which yields a very strong and ultra-soft fabric whereas silk is the most luxurious fabric to be used and needs a lot of maintenance. You can buy sofa cushion covers online for your drawing room or stylish bedroom. Moreover, if you are going to keep these silk/wool cushion covers in the hall area or in your kid’s bedroom, then you need to give it proper cleaning and care.

Canvas: -

Canvas is the strongest cotton fabric which has a special feature of being weather-resistant and is specially used for making cushion covers that are to be placed specifically on the outdoor furniture items. These kinds of coverings of cushions can be ordered online by searching for buy cushion covers online India online. These coverings of the cushions can be used in all kinds of weathers including cold, freezing, icy weather.

Leather: -

Leather is a hard material and is not used usually for making coverings of the cushions that are to be placed in the drawing-room or the bedroom. This is mainly used for making cushion covers for those areas that are frequently used and can easily become user-friendly as the beautiful texture of the leather matures with the passing time. However, leather is a synthetic fiber that needs a lot of maintenance and does not have a long life.

Before deciding for the cushion covers, you need to think about the area where you are going to use it and the versatility of the cushion covers. And then comes the stylish appearance of the covers to enhance the elegance of home décor. 

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