Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about attracting as much traffic as possible to your website and its offerings. It is also one of today's most important online business survival techniques in a massive online arena. The good news is that you don't have to be an expert in order to take advantage of the strategic use of keywords on your site. Proving just that, here are four of the many simple ways in which to optimize traffic flow and commerce via SEO.

Title and Header Keywords

First, it's important to note the power of your chosen keyword when placed within a title or header. This placement prioritizes those words and lets the search engines know the important content of that webpage. When users search for those keywords or terms near what is in your title or headers, the search engines will return your website more favorably in those search results. Fortunately, this is both an easy step and one that you probably already have on your site to some degree.

Monitor Your Rankings

This easy SEO tip doesn't even directly involve your webpage composition, but rather, your active monitoring of search engine rankings. Many experts recommend using tools such as Google Toolbar and Alexa in order to actively monitor that standing. In the end, if you pay no attention to the results of what you've presented to the online world, you are running blind with regard to traffic flow and brand awareness.

Include the Keyword in the URL

Another way in which many search engines go about prioritizing their search result lists is through URL analysis. By taking a quick extra look at a website's URLs, the search engine can usually get an even better idea of what that page is about, thus ranking it higher in a result list than a URL with no such related, viable information. Consider placing as many of your high-value keywords as possible after the ".com" in your page's address.

Use Plenty of Links

Finally, another effective way to increase SEO results without being a bona fide expert is through the use of links. Links internal to your site actually link pages and concepts together, further drawing the attention of those ever-canvassing search engines. External links are those established with other websites. These are even more valuable when attempting to draw search engine hits.

In conclusion, SEO is an approach that every online business presence should adapt. However, you don't have to be a genius to understand the basics here, and that is a great thing for today's budding entrepreneur or rapid-entry business. The four SEO approaches mentioned here are just a few of the many ways in which to really drive SEO results, and subsequently, heightened awareness and commerce for your business.

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Claire Stewart is a freelance writer and blogger focused on writing about health, travel, and business among other topics. She graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors in Women’s Studies and currently lives in Seattle with her goldfish, Merlin.