Ceilings are often the neglected corner of your abode and when it comes to house painting, most people forget about painting their ceilings. While trims and walls are always known to grab attention, a fresh coat of ceiling paint can uplift the visual aesthetics of your property and increase the curb appeal of your house altogether. 

In this article, we have highlighted some key reasons why homeowners should always consider painting their ceilings. Take a close look!

  • Improve Overall Home Aesthetics

Professional residential painters in Perth always admit that ceiling painting truly elevates the interior decor and gives the perfect “feel-good” factor to guests visiting your house for the first time. For many homeowners, ceiling is often the last thing to consider during house painting. However, when accentuated, it can change the whole mood of your room that you hardly can imagine.

  • Make Cramped Space Look Bigger

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a luxurious apartment where they can experiment with different paint, colours and styles. Ceiling paint makes look cramped space bigger than usual. Use of velvety black paint on ceilings makes rooms appear larger and give the illusion of ceilings looking higher than actual. When the paintwork is in process, you can also ask the professionals offering domestic painting in Perth to use a bright white wall with black ceilings to balance the existing room decor and furnishings. 

  • Add Drama to Your Rooms

A perfectly painted ceiling help you achieve impactful designs and adds a bold style statement to any space. Professional interior painters in Perth add elegance and drama to rooms by incorporating cutting-edge designs that can invigorate your space and amplify the outlook of your home. For instance, you can add drama to your teen’s room by highlighting the trim edge with bold colors during ceiling painting. It can bring life to the room and make your investment worthy in every way.

When opting for a house painting job, you can bring in creativity to the space by applying bold and bright colors to the ceiling, which are usually the best spots to add fun. You can keep the colors of the walls subtle, whereas paint ceiling with fun and whimsical colors. The application of bold colors on ceilings adds interest to the rooms and redefines rest of the walls in the best way possible. 

The painted ceiling trend is popping everywhere and whereas it doesn’t always require practical use of colors, it makes a bold design statement for sure. A beautifully painted ceiling not only invigorates your space but grabs attention of guests. Bold and textured ceiling painting help you redefine your space and give you the perfect ‘feel-good’ factor that you hardly experienced before.

Last Words!

Hope now you can figure out why ceiling should not be overlooked during a paint job. Keep these points in mind and ask your painting contractor to revive your outdated ceiling that you have neglected for long. If you find this post helpful, do give it a try and let us know how it worked for you!

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The author is one of the leading residential painters in Perth who have successfully delivered thousands of incredible paintwork both for residential and commercial