While most homeowners consider painting their living rooms, kitchen and dining space with fresh coats of paint, ceilings are often overlooked. The reasons can be many. While some homeowners focus on saving a couple of bucks, others lack patience and skills to complete the task efficiently. However, it’s a good idea to leave your ceilings unpainted for years as it can ruin the aesthetics and charm of your room.

Do you neglect painting your ceilings due to the fear of climbing up the ladder or is it the mess involved in the process that holds you back every time you think of giving it a try? To end your woes for good, we have come up with a few smart hacks that will help you do the task like a pro.

  • Use a Good Stain Removing Primer to Hide Flaws

There can be a host of culprits such as roof leakage, tobacco smoke, and spills that give rise to stains or dinginess on your ceilings. Over time, these stains develop into permanent spots that can't be concealed with leftover paints. If you want to complete the painting task with top-notch perfection, all you have to do is apply a high-quality stain-blocking primer on the dents, cracks or fillings and your troubles will end for good.

  • Apply Sand Before You Take the Plunge to Paint

Over time, as the layers of paint bonds firmly to your walls, you will notice bumps or crud getting stuck to your ceilings. If your ceilings are not textured, it's good to apply sand with the help of a porous sanding paper. This makes the paint application process much easier and ensures effective paint bonding. Professional house painters in Rochedale South use sanding pole to do the task with precision. Once the sanding is done, you need to wipe the ceilings to clear remains of dust.

  • Rolling Should be Done both Clockwise and Anti-clockwise

You might often ponder over how to get an even paint application with paintbrushes. Well, there are a few tricks to get smooth and even coats of paint on your ceilings. At first, you need to divide the work into sections so that it becomes easier to accomplish the task. Switch quickly from one direction to another to ensure the paint along the edge doesn't get dried up before you roll onto the adjoining section. If you find this task challenging, professional interior painters in Brisbane are there to help.

  • Choose the Right Ceiling Paint

The final and crucial task is yet to begin, i.e., painting your ceilings. While there is no rule of thumb to use specific colours for painting walls, ceilings are an exception. For ceilings, you need to choose the best ceiling paint that doesn't splatter and dries slowly. If you think glossy paints work best for ceilings, hold on! This is the biggest blunder you can ever make. When it comes to painting ceilings, you have to choose colours that are matte in texture so that it can give an elegant look.

Bottom Line

Hope you can bid adieu to the fear of painting ceilings with these tried-and-tested tricks. If you find this post helpful, do share with your family and friends and post your feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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