"Smile is the shortest distance between two people". I love this quote. In fact, your smile can be very attractive and win some hearts, if you have beautiful and healthy teeth. In order to have healthy teeth, you should not only brush your teeth every day, use dental floss, see dentists periodically, but also eat some foods for healthy teeth. You should take a look at the following 4 foods with the best directions in which ingredients can fight the bacteria, make the teeth strong and healthy.

1. Parsley
When you eat parsley, your teeth are being cleaned up. Therefore, parsley is considered as one of the best foods for healthy teeth, which helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay and clean the food residue on the tooth. Additionally, the more you chew it, the more saliva is stimulated, which can balance the amount of acid and alkali in the oral cavity and achieve a natural antibacterial effect.
200gr parsley
2 chilies
1 chopped garlic
Salted shredded meat
Seasoning, sugar, and vinegar
+ Pick up parsley, remove root, clean and slice it.
+ Pour the water into the pot boil, turn the fire to boil the water
+ Put parsley in several seconds and pick it up into a bowl of boiled water
+ Put it on the basket to drain water
+ Mix sugar, vinegar (or lemon), seasoning salt and pepper along with minced garlic, then sprinkle on the disc of parsley
+ Mix them well and wait for a while for absorbing. You can mix this dish with some salted shredded meat.

2. Guava
Would you like to get nice white teeth? Let's take a chance to eat guava to get white and healthy teeth. Because this popular tropical fruit has been considered as one of the fruits, which have the most vitamin C in the content that is an important nutrient to protect the teeth from some problems such as gingivitis, bleeding, sparse teeth.
- 3 - 4 guavas
- 1 tablespoon salt and pepper
- 1 teaspoon chili powder
- Wash and cut each of them into small pieces
- Mix these pieces with salt, pepper, and chili powder
- Enjoy immediately or put into the refrigerator for a while and enjoy later.

3. Green Tea
Green tea is regarded as the jewel of longevity by the Japanese. Many studies have shown that its antioxidant ability is relatively strong, which can prevent a lot of cancers. More importantly, green tea is an amazing food for your healthy teeth, also great for protecting and helping them clean. The reason for that is that green tea contains a large amount of flour, which can be combined with the apatite in the teeth to create an effective anti-acid as well as prevent tooth decay. On the other hand, Sinensis leaves whose catechins can both reduce transfiguration strep causing cavities in the mouth, and remove oral odor.
- 200gr fresh tea leaves
- 2 slices of fresh ginger
- 3 liters of boiling hot water
- Wash and soak tea leaves in water for 10 minutes before taking out
- Put the tea leaves rubbed into a pot, drop 2 slices of fresh ginger
-Take half a liter of boiling water for the tea, swing and empty the pot.
- Put the remaining of boiling water into the pot again and wait for 20 minutes until green tea finishes infusing.
According to the preferences of each person, each day from 2 to 5 cups, drink after eating, especially after eating sweets. However, green tea contains caffeine, pregnant women should limit drinking.

4. Onions
Vulcanized mixture of onion is a very powerful antibacterial ingredient, which is showed to kill many bacteria, including bacteria causing tooth decay. Fresh onion is among the best foods for healthy teeth when being used in the following way:
- 500g of chicken
-1 large tubers of onion
- 2 bunch of laksa leaves
- 2 lemons
- 1 red pepper
- Spices
- Peel and cut 2 onions into slices on each circle of onions after finishing soak onions in a bowl full of pungent vinegar to get rid of onion smell.
- Shred chicken into fibers.
- Wash laksa leaves, squeeze lemons, and cut chilies into small chunks.
- Add the onion and chicken in a large bowl with sugar, salt, lemon juice and mix for minutes, then add laksa leaves and pepper and mix well.

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