One of the first and simplest ways to have a successful productive day is to plan your day’s activities in advance. Never start your day allowing email, correspondences and interruptions determine the course of your day. Of course, you will have interruptions but you can better deal with them if you know that there is a plan to accomplish scheduled tasks in the event an emergency or unscheduled issue occurs that needs your attention immediately. Never over schedule daily tasks, always leave unplanned time on your planner as a cushion to catch up after an unexpected emergency. Over-scheduling tasks can lead to stress and overwhelm at the end of the day when tasks are not completed. Think about how much time it should take you to complete a task, and then block time accordingly. Planned tasks will make you more conscious of your time and it serves as a journal of how you spend your time daily: Productive or Inefficient

The best plan is inefficient if it doesn’t take place. Once you have created a plan, you must take action. I prefer calling a list of tasks a “plan of action”. Do not refer to your
plan of action as a to-do list. A to-do list is a summary of all the things that you want to do when you have the opportunity; however, a “plan of action” is a list of tasks, scheduled in your planner to be accomplished at on a specific day and time. Once your tasks are scheduled in your planner, nothing else can be done at that time, only the scheduled task. Don’t worry about being a perfectionist, just get started and trust that each task will bring you closer to your goal.

Consistency is the key to finishing. If you plan it, start it, you must finish the process to have success. Make the commitment to finish whatever you start. Make the commitment to plan daily or weekly, list all tasks associated with reaching your goals, block time to schedule tasks on your planner, take action and check off completed tasks once finished.
Once you began to consistently finish tasks, you will establish the habit of getting things done, the right things done and you will achieve success daily.

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