As your business grows, the website expansion will be necessity in order to offer more information to your customers.

However when people go for redesign of their websites,  one question that is being asked over again is :- I am redesigning my website, will it have any effect on my existing rankings? Unfortunately answer is Yes.

So you might be at the risk the losing your traffic that you are currently have. When the traffic to your website will decrease, your rankings will start dropping. Fortunately there is solution to it. You can use a technique called 301 redirect.

It is also known as 301 permanent redirect. With the help of 301 redirect you can help your websites automatically taken to your new website URLs. 301 redirect is most efficient and Search Engine friendly technique for preserving your SEO ranks.

How 301 redirect helps preserving the rankings of my website?With 301 redirects, you can tell to search engine spiders about the web page URL changes that have happened on your website and redirect the old links with corresponding new links. It is technique approved by search engines and thus the change is recorded in the index of search engines.

This way you safeguard your website from any potential loss of your search ranking. How I can implement 301 redirects?To implement the 301 redirects, you will need .htaccess file on root of your directory where all of your webpages are stored. If your server already has a .htaccess file, you can download the same.

If there is no .htaccess file, you can create one easily using notepad. Please ensure that when you name the file that you remember to put the "." at the beginning of the file name. This file has no tail extension.

In case of existing .htaccess file on server, please ensure you that don’t change any of the existing code (unless you know what you are doing) as it might result in issue with other features of your website. Scroll down past the current code, leave single space and write the code in following format:redirect 301 /old/old.htm It is best that you do a page by page redirect for all the pages of your existing website and map them with corresponding page on new website.

You can follow above syntax and create the redirect for each webpage of existing website with corresponding new web pages. If your new website has more pages which were not present in old website, there is no need for creating entry of new pages. If there is content changes between old and new webpages, please ensure that you map the closest matching web pages.  The 301 redirect is very powerful technique.

In case you have need to change the domain for your website, with 301 redirect you can redirect the traffic to your current domain to new domain. Create .htaccess file withredirect 301 / first “/” represents that everything top level of the site should be redirected to . you will also need to leave your old site with old files (from old domain) available for few weeks till all the major search engines update their record to redirection to new domain.

Also ensure that you have sent request to all your links/link partners and notify about the domain change and request them to link with the new domain.

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