Do you have a Filipino maid (菲傭) in your homestead? Are you loading him or her with several jobs that are against to confines of their domestic helper employment (僱傭) contract? Maids or nannies are usually taken as low level and uneducated people in society. Some are even exploited and looked down upon to the extend of being given low pay, harassed sexually and some are even bitten to a pulp by their employers.

Imagine it is your daughter being mistreated and humiliated by other well-off guys? I bet you will feel the pain in your heart of how your daughter is feeling at hand. This means you need to empower your domestic worker as much as you can and take her or him as your daughter and son. The act of violating their rights seems clichés and everybody is called to be responsible for other people’s kids, and their properties.

That’s said, in this article we’ve documented some solid points that will help you figure out how you can empower your workers at any cost. Since humiliation is an ill-mannered act and you can be incarcerated for having committed child abuse. You need to be responsible by empowering your helper at home.

How do you empower your helper?
This is one of the million-dollar questions that employers tend to ask. If you’ve hired an expert in the domestic field in your homestead, this article will help you make informed decisions and garner points to strengthen your worker.
Without wasting time, let’s started and unravel the major points you can use to empower and strengthen your helper as documented in the employment contacts, they include;

1. Fair salaries
2. Reasonable working hour
3. Support your worker financially

Fair salaries
Some workers are paid peanuts to an extend that money can’t help them in any way. Imagine a helper is paying her monthly rent of $ 200 and you are paying her probably $ 150. This will be hard for him to expound on her life and help her family too.

As a good employer, you need to structure a asalary that will help your worker to benefit and have something to save.

Reasonable Working Hour
This is where a lot of problems come in. Workers are being overworked and they are not entitled to the bonus salary on top of their salary. We are all human and we get weary to a pulp. You need to empower and strengthen your helper by letting her work on reasonable hours and pay her accordingly.

Support your worker financially
This is a crucial part of the life of any helper. That’s why she requires that job, to get money to cater to her life and family. Something might have ensued and your worker requires your financial support, be willing to chip in to motivate them to continue with a good job.

Be fair to your helper by supporting them financially, permitting them to work on reasonable hours, and pay them good salaries.

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Something might have ensued and your worker requires your financial support, be willing to chip in to motivate them to continue with a good job.