We women invest our souls in relationships, but it's so tough to determine when a guy starts looking beyond the physical elements and truly starts to like us as a individual. At times you think you're receiving signs from him that he likes you, and then the following moment you think, "There is no probable way he likes me if he just did that!"

The only sure means for you to recognize if he is into you is if he actually says so, but when he is teetering around the subject, here are a number of ways you possibly could tell:

1. He Calls You – If you have been out on a date with him and he calls you a few days later, it is a good sign that he likes you or at least that he enjoyed his time with you. Guys who are not interested as a rule just don't call back. Men ordinarily would preferably not call you at all than to call you and reject you.

2. Has He Incorporated You into His Life with His Friends and Family? – You can be pretty certain that you make his heart sing if he takes you to meet the important people from his "real" life. It could be his parents, his brothers or sisters, or even his boss. If he's making you a part of his actual life, then you are becoming part of him, which is a very good signal.

3. Does He Give You Enough Lead Time When He Asks for a Date? – Short notice for a date often means that you are just filling a slot as his "date" and not as his special someone. If he plans dates with you a week or so in advance this means he respects your time and wants to make certain you will be able to go with him.

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My name is Robyn Lee and I am a dating and relationship coach to women. I was single for a long time, not because I wasn't a catch, but because I made simple dating mistakes that turned men off. I have since learned how to not only attract but continue to have a loving relationship with my Prince Charming. I like sharing my new found knowledge on what to do and not to do to attract the man of your dreams.

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