Are you tired of wasting time and energy trying to build your downline with stale, ineffective tools? Trying to recruit quality people for your downline without using social media is like trying to dig a ditch with a toothpick. You can’t skimp when it comes to creating an effective social media strategy.

Here are three tips to help you to attract a downline to you, practically overnight!

1. Are You Trying to Sell Widgets? You aren’t really selling a product. You are selling yourself.  People do business with people they like and feel confident in. Use social media to be a charismatic leader, without the sales pitch. Post your interests and get involved in community activities. Start volunteering and post pictures. Selling gourmet food? Give some to a charity and then blog about it. Your social presence will bring you a gold-mine in relationship-based business.

2. Front and Center. List your website right on your profile on Facebook and Twitter. After people get interested in you as a person, they will click on your website out of curiosity. You’ll have sold them without doing any selling. Do this in every other social network you belong to. It should be a hyper-link that takes them directly to your business website. (If you need help creating a great business page for Facebook, refer to this article.)  Don’t make it hard for people to find out what you do. If they like you as a person, you’ve already overcome the toughest obstacle in sales.

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3. Engage Across All Networks But Focus One Your Strengths. There are more reputable sites then you can probably conjure up – there are thousands. Your social media strategy needs to address the multiple ways your target market likes to consume media. Facebook and Twitter should not be your only focus. Incorporate a video strategy with YouTube and promote that content across your other social networks to connect your audiences. See which network you get the most engagement and activity on and make that your focus as you develop your other social followings. I highly suggest getting social media training so that you learn how to sell without being salesly, it’s called attraction or relationship marketing. Also it is important to learn the social media etiquette required as it differs with each social network.

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You are using the basic laws of social attraction via modern technological media in order to draw people to you the same way they are drawn to a beautiful woman walking down the street, the life of the party, or the intrepid spirit that fights for every important cause even on the days they don’t have the energy to get out of bed.

You have to be a social tour-de-force and forget about selling people. Imagine social media as TV and everyone on it is just another channel.  You can play ads all day on your channel but once someone decides you don’t offer anything of value and blocks or hides you from their network…it’s like being permanently deleted off the TV Guide. They won’t even see your content as an option as something to view. You’ll be gone forever unless they seek you out on their own. But they won’t…so value their attention as much as they value great content!

When I provide social media training for sales organizations, the first thing I teach them is to NOT sell on social media. Use it to build relationships, warm up leads, provide value, that will attract more sales than you ever thought possible.

You can be a social media expert if you utilize these techniques and do it repeatedly. NEVER STOP. The more consistent you are with your use of social media the more you will attract quality people to your downline and build a thriving business, in other words, your social media strategy will be working!

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MelonieDodaro, of Top Dog Social Media, is passionate about social media and helps business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to use social media marketing to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue. Dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist, she’s also a regular contributor to several social media and business magazines and is a highly sought after speaker and trainer. To learn more about Melonie visit her web site at