Everyone wants to build a better Facebook marketing plan for their social media strategy. What you need is consistency.

These tips, if you stay consistent, will work for anyone who is looking to build on their Facebook marketing either through driving traffic to their site or building on their fan base.

Facebook Marketing 101:First Impressions

#1-Recently I was discussing with a friend about Facebook and the many strategies of the platform in general when we got on the subject of first impressions. Most people overlook these things. They tend to "jump the gun" and blast their way into the marketing strategy without actually stepping back and taking a look at what people would see when they came to their fan page.

First impressions are the most important one’s. Someone said, you never get a second chance at them, and that’s why they’re so important! Especially to someone that has never heard of you before!

When you check out a fan page, what’s the first thing you see?

It’s the Facebook header image.

You don’t want to skimp when it comes to this.

I see a lot of so called "professionals" that just throw up any old thing and call it successful and wonder why they are not receiving the engagements and driving the traffic that they should be getting on their site.

I’ll pull another old saying out of the hat: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have! Which basically means if you want people to take you seriously, then you’re going to have to take yourself seriously as well.

But what about money?

Yeah, I was already thinking about that. Most of the people that read this blog don’t have the money it takes to fund sufficient design work for a marketing strategy for Facebook. I totally get where you’re coming from, because I used to be in that same position. However, that’s still not an excuse to "dress like a janitor when you’re wanting to be the President" you see what I mean?

I don’t recommend Fiverr a lot, but when you’re in a jam for money, it’s a good place to go to get design work done for a low price of $5. This should hold you until you can get on your feet and have a professional designer take control.

What about Facebook tabs?

#2-Facebook tabs are also a very important part of the design work. They sell you or your site and what you’re doing. Don’t skimp on these either.

Facebook tabs are important because it connects you with people. The reason you want to display professionally designed tabs in Facebook is because you definitely get your money back out of it, I did this and received an awesome reaction of over $348.75 the first two days! I can honestly say that when I used this company to help me build better tabs, my engagements, traffic, and income drastically increased.

The Actual "Marketing" Part of Facebook

#3-When it comes to marketing your blog on Facebook, there are certain things you must remember. An important part of marketing to your fans is not in spamming links every hour or so. As crazy as it sounds, the less you spam out (and people are going to see it that way), the more people will trust you and start engaging with you, which, in turn, will go to help you in the future.

This goes into the "posting" part of Facebook. As it turns out, you probably aren’t on Facebook to play around. My wife has a FB account that she uses to keep up with her friends and everything, and that’s ok, a lot of people do that, but hopefully you’re business account is separate from your personal one.

As you already know, it takes a lot of time to establish an online presence online. One of the ways you can keep track of it all is by consistently posting to your social accounts. However, this can get arduous quick once you start getting established because there’s not enough hours in the day to keep up with everything! If you read this blog enough, you’ll know that I advocate things like automated posting to Twitter and other social sites to allow you to keep your head and manage time more efficiently.

What NOT to do

A lot of people get caught up in this idea and think that since they have an automated system posting for them, then that gives them a free pass to ignore that platform. This is simply not true. Sure, the system is posting for you, but you’ve got to use this to your advantage and take the free time it gives you to build connections, comment on people’s updates, make friends, etc.

Don’t abuse this system. People do want to see YOU and want to hear what you have to say, not some auto-poster doing it for you 24/7. Only use these at your busiest times of the day. The time of day when you know you don’t have time to stay on Twitter or Facebook.

For example, if you’re working a 9-5 job that doesn’t allow you to be on Facebook, then you can use this system to keep you in the loop and keep your social status buzzing while you’re away.

Consistency For Facebook Social Media Marketing

Consistency is key for any success online. Being consistent "consistently" is what you need to strive for! Be what your fan or follower wants you to be. Don’t adhere to the masses, write for that ONE person that will be affected by your positive Facebook marketing strategy. When you write to change and help the viewpoints and ideals of one person, you will find that “ONE” becomes a larger number in the end.

Author's Bio: 

I'm Lukas and I'm senior copywriter at MediaFusion Marketing. I have a masters in marketing at the University of Economics Prague but I'm also passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.