A wig is an adornment that can change the style in a short period of time and enhance self-confidence. As with makeup, when you can make smart use of a wig, you can be the center of attention in the crowd. What's more, you don't need to take any risks in the process. For those who want to try a new look, but don't want to dye and cut their hair, wigs are the most suitable choice.

There are many types of wigs, and it is very important to choose the one that suits you. This article has selected 3 of the most suitable LUVME wigs for novices, hoping to help you.

What is LUVME?

Before introducing the 3 best wigs for beginners, let me introduce LUVME. LUVME is one of the most popular human hair brands in North America. Wigs are usually divided into human hair wigs, animal hair wigs, and chemical fiber wigs. Human hair wigs are the most expensive, but also the most worthwhile. If you need to buy a wig that will last a long time without making others feel weird, then human hair wigs are the ones you should buy. LUVME as a supplier of high quality human hair wigs, you can easily buy top quality, natural and beautiful wigs in their store.

3 beginner wigs you should try

LUVME wigs offers various styles of lace wigs, U part wig, V part wig, headband wig, and virgin human hair bundles. From the perspective of color, LUVME also has a variety of gorgeous color wigs available for purchase. Of course, this article mainly introduces 3 kinds of wigs suitable for novices. They are generally easier to install and have a wider range of applications.

LUVME headband wig human hair

LUVME headband wig human hair is one of LUVME's most classic product lines. LUVME is one of the first wig brands to propose and vigorously promote headband wigs. Their headband wigs are plentiful. From a styling point of view, whether you want to buy curly headband wigs, afro curls headband wigs, wet and wavy headband wigs, silky straight headband wigs, you can.

LUMVE headband wigs can enhance your overall image and temperament by matching different color hairbands. If you need to be more enthusiastic, you can choose a headband with leopard spots. For a casual feel, try a solid-colored headband. Exploring fashion through hairbands is also a very interesting thing.

LUVME headband wigs are also great for sports. Generally speaking, there are 4 small hairpins inside the cap of LUVME wigs to help you stabilize the wig. The LUVME headband wig can be installed quickly and is stable enough by clipping the hair clip to the hair. In addition, the elastic headband will make your wig more stable. Sports like basketball, football, tennis, running and more will not let LUVME headband wigs fall off.

LUVME throw on and go wigs

LUVME throw on and go wig is an innovative wig launched in 2022. The biggest feature of this wig is that it is very easy to install. Therefore, some people call it "TAG wig" for short, which means that installing this wig is as easy as sticking a sticky note.

LUVME throw on and go wigs are bangs wigs without lace, or with a small amount of lace. The bangs wigs in this collection are all carefully designed. They cover your forehead naturally and make your facial contours look more refined and cute.

LUVME throw on and go wigs are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose according to your preference. Since throw on and go wigs are suitable for women of any age, it is also very popular with young and older women. Especially for women who have never touched wigs or who hate trouble, this wig is very worth buying.

LUVME closure wigs

The last newbie wig worth buying is the LUVME closure wigs. The advantage of this wig is that it can be easily installed while maintaining enough lace. Compared to lace front wigs, LUVME closure wigs can be installed without using glue.

Therefore it is also called glueless lace wigs. Since there are 4x4 or 5x5 lace covering your forehead, you tend to have a natural hairline. This is very helpful for some ladies who need to show their hairline. If you hate hassle and need to show off your hairline, then LUVME closure wigs are for you.

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