Considering the prevailing circumstance of the pandemic, it is best to have your own fixes ready. Pipe leakage can be any day, anytime scenario. Than trying to connect with your plumber at that moment, how about fixing the pipe leakage temporarily? Temporary pipe leakage manages the pipe issue for the time being, minimizes water wastage and can be later on taken care of by a professional plumber. To help, Tube Trading Co. lists 3 top temporary fixes for a pipe leakage problem.
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Pipe Leakage Temporary Fix 1 – Clamps and Pipe Connectors
The easiest hack to temporarily fix a pipe leakage is install a clamp or pipe connector. Clamps and pipe connectors are strong and thus, serve the purpose for a long time. For pipe connector, try opting for rubber ones only.
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Pipe Leakage Temporary Fix 2 – Pipe Wraps
Pipe wraps also work well when it comes to fixing pipe leakage. Pipe wraps are available in hardware stores. Pipe wraps work like epoxy and works for all kinds of leakages. Pipe wraps can be used on cracks as well.
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Pipe Leakage Temporary Fix 3 – Repair Sleeves
The last temporary pipe leakage fix that works are repair sleeves. Repair sleeves particularly work for pinhole repairs and joints. Repair sleeves only work in case of small leakages or cracks. You can get repair sleeve from any hardware store.
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Please note the aforementioned list temporarily solves the problem of water pipe leakage for a while only. Consulting a professional plumber for permanent solution is highly recommended.
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