Tried and true techniques to engage your audience & leave them wanting more!

As a spiritual practitioner, one of the best ways I know to let your light shine is to offer spiritual workshops in your community. Here are 3 of my favorite tips to help you host workshops that ROCK!

Tip #1: Set the Scene for Magic

I always include "magical boosters" in my workshops by placing items around the room that inspire a sense of wonder and inspiration.

I include things like candles and incense as well as stones, pretty altar cloths and even statuary that match the theme of my workshop.

Tip #2: Ask Your Guests to Share

Always allow time in your workshop for your guests to share their experiences. After each activity, whether it's a meditation, journaling exercise or group activity, I always ask for volunteers to share their experiences.

The reason is twofold: First, people love to share their stories with others and to create connections in this way. Second, other attendees (including me!) can learn from the stories these guests share.

Tip #3: Sprinkle Your Workshop with Fun Little Surprises

I love to surprise and delight my guests with little gifts. These gifts are often inexpensive, but meaningful and have included things like sea shells, starfish, small stones, crystals and the like.

Often we'll charge or empower the items with our energy and intention during the workshop, or I'll charge them in advance and let my guests know that they're leaving with a talisman meant to remind them of all they've learned during our time together.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Michele McGrew is a spiritual teacher and intuitive who began her metaphysical journey at the age of 17 when she was taught to perform psychic readings by a family member and mentor. In the years since, she's dedicated herself to exploring the depths of spirituality, ancient myth and magic, Divine Love and Universal Truth. She now enjoys teaching ancient arts and lore to modern women in ways that are practical and meaningful in today’s demanding society.

Finding her passion in writing and teaching, Michele hosts workshops and private classes on a variety of topics, including past life exploration, soul retrieval, earth and moon magic, herb lore, crystal healing, chakra balancing and working with the archetypal energies of the ancient Gods and Goddess for the creation of a more harmonious life.

As an ordained minister and Priestess, Michele’s greatest joy is in working with other spiritually minded individuals to honor, uplift and support them on their journey through life. In addition to her minister's license, Michele sits on the Florida ADL Minister's Board of Directors. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University and has earned college certificates in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies.