#1. Trump’s Making Jerusalem the capital of Israel was opposed by the pope and 126 countries in the United Nations in spite of several previous presidents agreeing to the idea but not doing it.

#2. Trump’s plan to pull out of the Obama-era Iran Nuclear Treaty if Iran doesn’t make significant changes.

#3. Plans to cut money given to Palestinians due to their
disinterest in peace with Israel.

All of these favor Turkey’s appeal to 57 Muslim nations to besiege Jerusalem, http://www.wnd.com/2018/03/57-muslim-nations-urged-to-besiege-israel/

Besieging Jerusalem was described about 2500 years ago: “The day of the Lord comes… all nations gathered against Jerusalem to battle.” Zech 14:1,2.

“The day of the Lord” is the phrase used to denote biblical end-times and will be realized by an earthquake that could be felt worldwide: “The Lord shall roar from Zion [after Zech 14:2 occurs?] and the heavens and earth shall shake.” Joel 3:16.

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