Nepal, the country of Himalayas has always fascinated travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Several thousand feet above the ground, Nepal has always been known for its trekking routes to the Himalayas. Sounds all exciting, right? Well, trekking in Nepal isn't easy, and that's precisely the reason why it's not everyone's cup of tea. Many people simply don't have the guts to travel away to a route where they would not be getting five-star hotels, luxury transportation and multiple cuisines. Having said so, there's nothing that beats the true pleasure of going to the Himalayas and remain in the lap of Mother Nature.

trekking in Nepal

The thing is that, it's not easy going to trekking, especially in the Himalayas. Even the most experienced trekkers can end up making mistakes which to be honest are silly and can easily be avoided. If you plan on trekking, make sure to avoid these silly things:

Being overconfident to the point of not hiring guides

No matter how many times you've gone trekking, the Himalayan terrain is a different prospect altogether. If you think that you can travel on your own without the assistance of a guide, you're only fooling yourself. This isn't your regular streets where you can just open your Google Maps and follow the directions. Heck, you won't even get a network in the foothills of the Himalayas to make a call; surfing the internet is practically impossible.

Sure you can explore the cities on your own, but when the time finally comes to ascend and descend the high altitude areas of the Himalayas, it's imperative that you hire guides who have several years of experience trekking.

Travelling on a tight schedule

It's pretty silly to travel to the Himalayas, especially on an Everest Base Camp Trek on a tight schedule. If you have a set schedule for the journey which you can't extend in any way, it's better to not go for such treks in the first place. In such high altitude areas, you can never predict how the weather is going to be a few minutes later, let alone after hours. Precisely for this reason, it is highly recommended that when you are travelling to the Himalayas, you have several extra days in hand. Landslides and avalanches are pretty common in those areas, and you could be stuck for days if that happens.

Not depending on people but books

Sure, you do learn a lot from guidebooks, but that doesn't mean that you will blindly believe everything you read. Some of the authors of these guidebooks haven't even gone to the Himalayas so to believe everything they write would be unwise for you. Ideally, you should always trust the residents because they know the Himalayan landscape or terrain better than anyone.

These are some of the silliest things which you can do while on a Himalayan trek. Remember that this isn't your regular tour which is why you shouldn't treat it as one too. Before even planning for this kind of trek, make sure that you think well ahead about whether you are up for it or not.

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