The most common sentence I receive in coaching today is, “We’ve gone through a lot of changes and more are coming.”

Ironically, each client believes their situation is unique.

It’s all of us.

Some of us are excited by it. Others are terrified. Most are just trying to keep up.

So how do you increase sales with greater team productivity and get out of the office earlier while experiencing a fire hose volume of change?

Invite your customers to show you how.

Here are 3 Strategies to Positively Profit from Change:

Focus on Change
Focusing on the positive is an integral dynamic of your Work Positive lifestyle that is a powerful antidote to the dizzying pace of change today. One of your positives is the relationships with customers who consistently invite you to solve their problems whether it be to fix a car or financial advice on investing.

Focus on this positive with these three questions:

What are our customers asking for?
Listen deeply to their concerns, hopes, and desires. They will tell you exactly what products and services they wish you offered that hold the gold to more revenue.

How can we give them what they want?
Remember that most of us are looking for turnkey solutions. Your customers might ask, “Help me with my retirement AND college education savings” or “Change my oil AND pick up my car when it breaks down.” They trust you and that’s the ultimate currency of change. Establish yourself as top-of-mind with them and give them what they want.

Who leads us from where we are to where they want us to be?
Somebody on your team must work on the business to do the research, planning, and implementation for expanding services. Carve team time for coordination.

Filter the Changes
Remember, “Good enough is good enough.”

As you embrace change and direct it to more profits most likely you will try to perfect it before you roll it out.

Filter as you roll through the changes.

Get the product or service out the door and into the consumption habits of your customers. Ask them, “How do you like it?” and “How’s it working for you?” and “How can we improve?”

Filter the change to grow those parts of the operation that work well and eliminate the ones that don’t.

Good enough is good enough.

Forward through the Change
Your mantra as you focus and filter change is, “Forward through the change.”

Yes, you will get frustrated. Sure, you will be stretched. Of course, you will want to quit.

We all do. These responses to change are expected.

Keep moving forward. Positively profit from the change.

It’s going to happen anyway.

You may as well increase sales with greater team productivity and get out of the office earlier, right?

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