Are you planning to lose weight? Or maybe want a super fit body? Exercise or running can be the best option for you to fulfill this wish of yours. But it would help if you had a proper plan or means to track the amount of your exercise or running so that you can enjoy the outcome correctly.

Running can be a good way for you to keep yourself fit. And if you are already a runner, you know about all the advantages you can get by running.

So, to keep track of your running pace or distance, a running Foot Pod can come in handy for you. All you need is to buy a foot pod suitable for you and learn to steps for your running foot pod setup.

What Is A Running Foot Pod?
Foot pod is a small device that can track your pace or distance of running or walking accurately. Foot pods calculate your foot's movement using the accelerometer inside it and provide an accurate measurement across a broad range of paces and stride lengths.

A foot pod can be of two generations-
First-generation: Foot pods of first-generation can be very accurate, but they require calibration, particularly for different shoes it has to be calibrated again. These first-generation foot pods use a 3-axis accelerometer.
Second-generation: Second-generation foot pods give far more accurate measures as they use 9-axis sensors which combine accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. So, these foot pods cost more.

How Does A Foot Pod Work?
As previously mentioned, foot pods have accelerometers built-in inside them. When you are running outside, you can get your GPS's help to track the pace or distance. In case of training indoors or when no GPS signal is available, a foot pod has no competitors to track your running details.

To get the foot pod's gest, your foot pod needs to be paired with a compatible device. It can be a smartwatch, usually from the same brand. In addition, the built-in accelerometers on foot pods can give you all the same data accurately without the need for an external sensor. For getting the best accuracy, calibration of the foot pod is recommended.

Setup of Your Running Foot Pod
You must know your running foot pod setup ways so that you can get accurate values. For both indoor and outdoor training, you can easily set your foot pod up and use it comfortably.

But before that, you need to know correctly about the ways for setup. There are foot pods of several brands in the market. So, the first and foremost thing you have to do is select the pod suitable for yourself.
Here some steps are given for you to follow to set up your foot pod properly-
Step 1: Put battery inside the foot pod
The first thing you have to do is to put the battery inside your foot pod. For inserting a battery-
 Pop off the sensor first, turn the back panel counterclockwise to open it up.
 Put the lithium battery as required for your foot pod inside it.
 Cover the battery again with its back panel, and then it's ready to use.

Step 2: Pair your foot pod with your device
In the second step, you have to pair your foot pod with a compatible device. Usually, this device is from the same brand as the foot pod. This compatible device is your smartwatch. Follow the steps given below to pair your foot pod with your watch-
 Go into the watch's menu system.
 You will get the Foot Pod option in the "Setup Menu" or in a section labeled "Sensors."
 Select the option "Foot Pod."
 Turn on the option.
 The watch will look for motion from the Foot Pod in order to connect.
 You can connect it to your shoe first. But if you shake the foot pod vertically towards the ground, it will work as well.
 After detecting the motion from the foot pod, the watch will get connected with it.

Step 3: Attach the foot pod to your shoe
To run smoothly and without any worries, you have to attach the foot pod well to your shoe. If you don't place it on your shoe correctly, you will not get accurate values. Go through the following steps to attach your foot pod properly to your shoe-
 A foot pod has two parts- one is its base or bottom, and the other is the top's sensor.
 Split it into two parts. Take the bottom position in your hand and with the arrow or logo facing forward toward the toes, just slide the bottom portion of the foot pod under a couple of laces.
 After placing the bottom part under laces, snap in the sensor.
After following the above steps, you are ready to run with your foot pod on.
Some Tips to Use Your Foot Pod
For getting the best service from your foot pod, you can follow the tips below-
Don't forget to make sure that the foot pod is attached to the same position on the shoe each time you run. It might not work correctly.
Attach the foot pod to your shoe reasonably well, so that it can not flap around. It will give you inaccurate readings if it is not attached correctly.
The most common and irritating problem is the low battery level. Keep the focus on your device to get the low battery warning beforehand.
If there is still a problem in the sensor despite replacing the battery, it's likely the foot pod has failed.
You better calibrate it before using it to get the most accurate readings.

Final Thoughts
To get accurate readings from your running foot pod, you must set it up well to your shoe before using it. And this article will hopefully lead you to the easy running foot pod setup.

Make sure you buy the most suitable one for you and follow the above steps and tips. Then you are good to run with your foot pod on.

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