One of the most disappointing things you can go through as a woman is figuring out if a man likes you. At times you assume you're receiving signs from him that he likes you, and then the following second you believe, "There is no probable way he likes me if he just did that!"

With so many varied messages flying around, how can you ever tell for certain if you're affecting his heart? Try this checklist of straight forward observations and signs that he likes you:

1. He Phones You – If you have been out on a date with him and he calls you a few days afterwards, it is a good sign that he likes you or at least that he enjoyed his time with you. When he's not interested, he won't call back. Guys ordinarily would rather not call you at all than to call you and reject you.

2. Has He Incorporated You into His Life with His Friends and Family? – Guys don't bring women they are not serious about home to mother, so if he's allowing you into his inner circle of friends and family, then you are likely somebody exclusive. This can be his mom, dad, aunt or even a close friend. If he's introducing you to significant people in his life you can bet that he plans on you sticking around.

3. Does He Ask You Out Well Ahead of the Date? – Short notice for a date often means that you are just filling a slot as his "date" and not as his special someone. A considerate guy who truly wants you to be the one to accompany him will try to get you on his calendar a few days before the date, and much longer for a special affair.

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My name is Robyn Lee and I am a dating and relationship trainer to women. I made many dating mistakes in the beginning that caused me to be single for a very long time. I have since learned how to not only attract but continue to have a loving relationship with my Prince Charming. Today I share my knowledge with other women so they can create healthy and happy relationships as I have done with my Prince Charming.

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