There are numerous warehouses and organisations out there that make use of roll cages to store goods or probably move around on the floor while saving up on manual labour. These are cage-like structures like stillages that have roller wheels fixed underneath and can be opened from all sides to remove or stack goods and boxes on it. While these roll cages are made of metal, there have been numerous cases where the workers and other employees have been hurt by its use. Well, these structures are made to make work easy and save time, handling them too needs precautions and rough usage may result in cuts and bruises.


When it comes to being safe with the usage of roll cages at warehouses, there is this need to constantly be aware of its presence and take necessary steps to prevent harm. Here are a few safety tips that supervisors and workers involved handling roll cages should follow, and that is likely to result in a safe workplace while making work easy.

 Roll Cages


Training to deal with constant movements


When there are a lot of goods to be moved from one department to the other, there is this constant movement with the roll cages that the workers witness. Right from loading and unloading them from the trucks to placing things on the shelves, the roll cages play an important role. There are times when workers forget to pay attention to keeping themselves safe and often end up hurting themselves. Therefore, every business that has something to do with roll cages and its use, there is this need to train the employees to handle it well. Wearing gloves to prevent scratches, knowing the right posture while squatting or bending to pick goods, giving them the right amount of rest to stretch the muscles especially when they have been doing the same for long hours at a stretch, all of this is to be included in the training procedure.


Safe movement with the roll cages


There are times when there is a lot of work pressure, and there is a lot of work to be done, workers tend to multitask by pushing or pulling along two roll cages at once. This is something can be dangerous especially when there are others moving with similar cages in front of them. But before all that, pulling roll cage is dangerous in itself especially when there is a huge stack piled on the cage. There are chances of tripping while allowing the entire structure to fall and thus causing unexpected injury.   It is often advised to push it while maintaining a safe distance with the one in front as well as keeping a close eye on any obstructions on the ground.


Being safe on ramps


Not always can one find plane surfaces when moving around with roll cages and goods in them. There are times when the floors contain ramps with inclinations. This is something that is prevalent when the goods are being loaded or unloaded to a truck. The sudden rise or probably dip in the ground level can often lead to losing out on control of the roll cage which can often lead to its toppling or probably hitting another worker. This may also result in damage to the cage or possibly the goods, and therefore there is this need to ensure that there is necessary care taken when on ramps.

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