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Have you been trying to use positive affirmations wth no success? Make your efforts count and drive those positive, empowering statements home. If you can’t seem to achieve success then perhaps there is something wrong with your technique. To be sure, here are three rules on how to properly and effectively use positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are positive messages that are sent to the subconscious so that you will eventually take these messages as the truth. They are now quite popular and are being used in self help and personal development. When people want to change something or add something to make their lives more positive, they simply focus on positive affirmations.

The process of planting these affirmations into your head is sometimes referred to as “affirmation imprinting.” By definition, this is embedding the affirmations into your mind so deeply that your mind recognizes them as the truth, and any contrasting ideas are considered as lies and are automatically, without conscious prompting, rejected. Not only can affirmations bring a change, but they can also protect your mind from turning back to its old negative-thinking habits.

However, for positive affirmations to work, certain elements have to be present. Here are some rules on proper usage of these affirmations.

In using positive affirmations, the way that the affirmative sentence is constructed matters a lot. In fact, this is a make or break factor. If the sentence is incorrectly formed, even though it contains the right key words or delivers the right message, it won’t work. So here are the rules:

Rule 1: No negative words.

Make sure that your sentences do not have any negative words. This is an often overlooked error in the use of positive affirmations. Most people want to get rid of negative things and habits in their lives in order to make their lives more positive. So they tend to focus on the thing or habit that has to disappear. By doing so, they can easily come up with a message that goes like “I will not smoke anymore.” But although the message is correct, the sentence does use the word “not,” which is considered a negative word. Other negative words include “cannot” or “never.”
So how can you rephrase that without using negative words? Here’s an example: I am free from smoking.

Rule 2: Start with “I” or “my”.

Positive affirmations should start with personal pronouns pertaining to you so that they will take effect in your own life. These personal pronouns are “I” and “my.” They add a personal feel to the message so the message will involve you.

Rule 3: Use words that are easy to visualize.

Using words that are easy to interpret in the form of visual images is also crucial. You have to use words that strike up your imagery, words that make you imagine. This is why positive affirmations usually go hand in hand with visualization. Words that can be easily translated into image form tend to have a stronger impact on your mind.

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