Am sure you are wondering what is so unique about painting a pet. In a world that has had its history recreated and been retold by all kinds of art, the novelty of painting your pet is not something that started today. The innovation of the internet and technology has however made it more accessible and has spread the word on this part of the wide spectrum that is art.

This article is tailored to give you a few reasons that make dog painting intriguing and special. This includes;
i. Capture moments
ii. Honor the bond
iii. Immortalization

Capture moments
Pet portraits can help capture the joyous moments and expressions of today, or of a pet that has passed away.
Pet Portraits are created not only to memorialize their subjects but to also tell a story. Make sure you hire a good artist so that you get a great story from his or her work on your dog’s image. A good artist can make their subjects larger than life.

Present specific themed photos of your dog to your artist to better illustrate your dog’s personality, like photos with his favorite toys, or in his favorite dog crate, or positioned in your pet’s favorite sleeping spot.
All of that enhances the theme of your pup’s portrait. You can also include pictures of yourself or family members to be added to the portrait.

Honor the bond
Pet portraits are a special, unique, and wonderful way to honor the bond that only a pet owner, the family, and the pet can understand the bond. This is where dog paintings as come in handy as a gift. By getting this painting you celebrate the relationship that you have had with your pet or the owner of the pet and the pet

. Dog lovers form very deep bonds with their dogs and having a visual and material representation of their spiritual connection is what pet paintings aim to achieve.

A very obvious reason to paint your dog would be because you would like to commemorate and celebrate your pet. You would like to be reminded of your dogs, especially when they are no longer with you since they still hold a special place in your life. With human beings having a considerably highly life span than most canine species, this means we are likely losing our pets to natural causes at least once in our lifespan.

Therefore, it is important to keep memories and memorabilia of the animals we love

With the presence of digital photography and selfies, the short-term nature of their material presence in the world makes sense for pet owners today to want to stick to portrait painting. Reports cited that pet portraiture is still lucrative for artists who specialize in pet portraits because of the perception that digital photographs are “instant” while paintings last a lifetime.

You can choose to paint your dog on your own by acquiring a paint by numbers tool kit and get to spend some quality time with your pet. That would make it all the more special. Don’t you think so too?

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it is important to keep memories and memorabilia of the animals we love