There are a lot of propaganda marketing techniques being used by businesses big and small to get more customers. Some of these techniques are positive, while others are negative. Since negative propaganda doesn't really help anyone in the slightest (especially when you consider its long-term effects), it's better to just stick with the positive.

If you're interested to learn about these powerful methods, read on!

Propaganda Marketing Technique # 1: Get Testimonials.

Testimonials have always been a favorite in the marketing industry. After all, it's supposedly saying the truth about a particular product or service, and it's not just something the business owners want you to think.

People like to hear about what others have to say. Of course, it's also a tad bit difficult to validate whether these testimonials are really honest evaluations or just the company talking.

One way to find out is to read more than one testimonial. By reading a couple of them, you will get a feel of whether the messages are authentic or if they sound like they came from just one person. Another way to double check is to look for testimonials other than those posted on the company's website.

Propaganda Marketing Technique # 2: Jump In on the Bandwagon.

This is when companies tell you that since everyone else is availing of their product or service, you should too. It's like a group of teenage kids lounging about in the pool and then inviting you to jump in!

This method is so effective that even companies themselves are compelled to jump in on the bandwagon. One example is the sudden spurt of reality show on television. Years ago, there were only a couple of reality TV shows around. And now, almost every network has its own reality show. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses!

Propaganda Marketing Technique # 3: Glitter All Over.

Glittering generalities have been used time and time again to promote a service or product. This is when companies use highly-valued words like "love," "honor" and "respect" to attract customers.

Even though the product has almost nothing to do with these concepts, companies still link themselves with these words to evoke positive reactions from the customers. It's part of advertising. It's part of marketing.

Propaganda marketing techniques are very effective. They hold a strong influence over customers and have proven themselves to be practically fail-safe when used correctly.

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