When the child doesn’t have any clue about colour and shapes, letters and sounds, preschool teachers help them to learn these and explore the artist in them. To get introduced to this, educators do not take much time. By enrolling your child in the preschool, you can encourage them to learn the things. To know how the educators encourage them to explore these skills in them, follow the below article.

The early learning centre is the platform where the child can develop his interpersonal skills in several ways. It can be achieved by doing activities and playing indoor and outdoor games. Don’t you want to enroll your child in the early learning centre where they can have wonderful moments? The educators of the preschool will help you to develop their emotional, social, physical and intellectual skills. Spending time in the preschool will be a great period for your child. They can learn various things such as different sounds and words at a very early stage. The educators teach the child through a special but much simple way. Sometimes they learn from storytelling, music, art and dancing. These activities make their brains active. They can also learn from creative activities and play. This stage is not for the learning but for the entertaining too. Enroll children in a early learning Western Sydney to let them learn the methods of problem-solving.

It is also the time for establishing self-esteem and good learning habits. They will feel good and they will feel proud to do the creative activities. Along with this, when they do any mistake they will learn from their mistakes too. So as a parent when you see their success make cheer them to go ahead along with this, when you see them to be failed, encourage them instead pressurize them. When the children automatically understand the difference between success and failure they will be able to make themselves at their standard level. Enlist kids in childcare in Western Sydney and encourage them to learn new things. Here are some important basic learning things which the children learn in preschools. Follow the underneath points.

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  • Objects, shapes and colours:

Preschool is the stage the children get the idea of objects, shapes and colours. They can also learn the name of different body parts. Educators ask them different questions to teach them about the shapes and colours of any objects. For example, what is the colour of the pencil? Which flower is red? They can turn the learning into games.

  • Sounds and letters:

By enlisting your child in early learning Western Sydney you can help him to learn uppercase and lowercase letters. Teach them to recognize the letters. With the drawing of different letters, they can get in touch with these. After some months, they are able to learn short and easy words such as mom, dad, ball etc. Along with the letters they are introduced with different sounds. Through the child play, they are introduced with various sounds. And when they are a little bit familiar with these sounds, they can identify the sounds. The random talks with the children make them increase their vocabulary. Not only this, educators read loudly and tell stories. Apart from increasing their vocabulary, they acquire the habit of reading. So the educators encourage the children by reading and talking with them.

As a parent, you should also follow the way of learning when they return from the school. Fix a particular time, for example, 10 minutes before going to bed, tell them stories or encourage them to tell rhymes. These will help them to develop their learning skills. One thing you should be careful that the atmosphere should be child-friendly and cosy.

  • Drawing and paper cutting:

First, you should teach them to hold the scissors so that cut the papers. You will see that they are cutting papers but not in a particular order. When they develop the skills of paper cutting, they will make designs by cutting the paper artfully. Along with cutting the papers, they are able to hold colour pencils and paint brushes. Preschool provides colour pencils, colours, colour brushes, chalks, markers and lots of accessories. These develop their motor skills. Give your child the space that they automatically develop their skills by doing these activities. When they work with their peers, they can learn about co-operation and the ability to work together.


In summation, explore your child’s favourite colour through the playful way. You never know your child may become the artist with the exploration of colour and shapes. Help the child to develop the artful skills and for this bring them papers and colour pencils. Encourage them to create their own creative art. Preschools educators help them to create the art with their own style.

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Clovel Childcare is the institute of early learning in Western Sydney for elrolling children in Australia. Their aim is to provid early education and affectionate care throughout Australia. The educators are passionate about helping to build skills and to ispire them to achieve a better future. They believe in helping the child to help them to achieve their goals and to release their potentiality. They have always have been regarded as admitting your kid to childcare in Western Sydney.