The cryptocurrency industry boomed in 2017-2018; the full total market hat of cryptocurrencies achieved $700 Billion USD last year. With the immense market potential offered by cryptocurrencies, electronic currency deal is flourishing and several crypto-exchanges were presented within the period of an year and still more are below development. Crypto-exchanges are programs where traders can change cryptocurrencies for different cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Panaesha Capital Trade (PCEX) is a cryptocurrency trading platform set to be launched in Fraction 3 of 2018. PCEX is secure, rapidly, gives high liquidity and engages a broker station for extra security. The system is just a one-stop trading option; offering both cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency to fiat currency trades.

Benefits of PCEX

Multi-functional Trade Platform

Many crypto-exchanges, even prominent programs, help just crypto-to-crypto trades, making traders to perform their actions on numerous exchanges. Crypto-traders first get cryptocurrencies for fiat income on a specific system and then spread the currencies over several trading tools to ensure liquidity and profit. In order to change the digital currencies to fiat, the traders have the decision of only a handful of platforms. PCEX is an extensive solution giving large liquidity; the crypto-traders can perform almost all their trades on a single software and may also be guaranteed of significant returns.

Large Liquidity

To market the liquidity of digital assets on PCEX, the system embodies all the important thing qualities for a fast-moving trade;
A straightforward graphical user interface to simplify the exchange process. PCEX is created similar to the National Inventory Trade structure for familiarity.
Low exchange fees (PCEX demands on hardly any fees for trading on the platform).
A innovative buy-sell procedure via a remarkable corresponding engine. Deal purchases will undoubtedly be matched rapidly on the platform.

High-Caliber Purchase Matching

People on PCEX are given the limit trading method so they can buy or promote assets at a price they collection; the corresponding motor can make an effort to enhance the purchase by matching the users'trade with a better value in a limited time. The limit time will undoubtedly be collection by the traders after which the business buy is likely to be taken from the platform. PCEX has the capability to match purchases quickly via a remarkable order-matching engine.

Affordable Expenses

To conduct business on PCEX, crypto-traders will incur only two charges: deal costs and withdrawal fees. The transaction payment on PCEX is a lot lower than the fees on different systems giving similar services. A significant percentage of the deal expenses visit brokers and sub-brokers of PCEX; the software can receive a smaller percentage of the cut.

Broker and Sub-Broker Programs

Brokers and sub-brokers for crypto-trade is a special feature of the PCEX trading platform. Traders on crypto-exchange tools often experience bad customer support and gradual response time. PCEX remedies that problem by employing a fleet of brokers and sub-brokers to assist traders professionally on each trade. Just one place of contact will undoubtedly be assigned to traders on PCEX whom they can contact at any time for assistance. No dark amount of unresponsiveness can actually be associated with PCEX.

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