3 Myths That Keep You Overeating.

Everybody knows you just have to eat right and exercise to lose weight. Right?

WRONG! That is the very strategy that is fuelling the obesity and overeating epidemic. Even if you could make out what foods are good and which are not in our confusing and ever changing dietscape, chances are good that it you could just do that so easily that you wouldn’t be struggling with food or even reading this article! Read on and I’ll tell you the 3 myths that keep you overeating.

1. The “perfect diet” myth – one size does not fit all, in fact everyone is unique and if you don’t learn to listen to your body and follow its inner direction, you are doomed to bounce back and forth between rigidity and chaos with food and exercise. Many weight loss plans actually cause body rebellion and brain chemistry imbalance.

2. The “quick and easy” myth - addicted/compulsive eating patterns are the result of a great number of factors coming together in a unique dysfunctional pattern. You may have noticed that willpower works in the short term but inevitably conks out in the long haul as things get harder and the road gets longer. Complex eating problems require the long term view with comprehensive solutions applied over time to get real sustainable recovery.

3. The “I can do it by myself” myth – I have never come across one single person that has done it on their own. You are wired to need other people and in the treacherous terrain of dieting and food addiction recovery, you absolutely require wise mentors and positive companions if you are going are going to survive and eventually thrive.

So what are you supposed to do? WiseHeart Wellness suggests the following:

First of all, get individualized information about your eating and then get mindful. WiseHeart Wellness favours the eating plans provided by the Brain Chemistry Optimization Program we run, because it gets down to the base level of the brain where all your eating choices originate from and we have seen surprising success with a lot of our more challenging clients. You can get more information about that at Brain Chemistry Optimization Program Detailed information .

However, regardless of what plan you choose, start tracking symptoms in your body and brain. Ask yourself how you feel when you eat according to the plan you are using. Does it feel good in your body? Do you feel deprived? Can you think clearly? Do you feel compulsive? Give it a week to 14 days, if the answers are good, great keep going and keep investigating so you can make changes as necessary. You may be someone that just needed a little guidance and consciousness. Most of you reading this do not fit in that category so read on.

If your attempt to keep to the plan of eating you have chosen falls apart and you can’t or don’t want to follow it, it is the plan or the supports, not you, that is the problem. The plan needs to take into account where you are at in your life right now. WiseHeart talks about a “performance perimeter”. That is the line that divides what you can reasonably sustain doing and what you cannot. A plan based on consistently doing something that takes heroic effort or you simply can’t do, isn’t going to show you how to master your eating and weight problem.

So get over that quick and easy myth and get on with planning over a more realistic time frame, while identifying smaller goals in all of the areas that impact your eating. Losing the weight and changing the underlying causes of binge, compulsive or addictive eating takes time, but the rewards are tremendous. We are not talking just lifestyle changes, mastery of your weight and eating issues changes you at a cellular level, re-engineering your very being and your every experience in the world.

These life changing interventions happen slowly, evolving you into a better life every day, as you learn to use whatever happens in your life or on your plate to take you deeper into what the problem is and how the solution can be created. You cannot keep weight off your body and obsession from your mind without digging deeply into who you are and uncovering the inherent wisdom hidden within.

A client of ours was obsessed about the Love Heart candies, could not stop eating and couldn’t figure out why. Well when we had discussed and dumped all the unresolved relational issues, and still not getting the headway we wanted we looked deeper. Turns out there was an affair that had happened years before that she had a no way to deal with it attitude about. Finally told him about it, and despite being on the edge of leaving before all this they are now happily devoted. And oh ya, she didn’t need the candy any more either!

You may be thinking, but I have been trying to change my weight and eating for years maybe even decades. In addition to being detoured by the first two myths, you have probably either put your faith in people that told you they had the only answer or decided you would figure this out on your own.

Well I hate to tell you, but the very mind that you are tried to use to fix the problem is likely one of the biggest factors in your failures. Unbalanced brain chemistry distorts your perception. You act in your life on that distorted perception, usually creating more distortion and dysfunction in all areas. Then you eat to tolerate living in it.

I would not have lost 150lbs without great guidance and amazing support. Neither would I have kept it off for a decade. To be one of the 5% of people that do this you must have mentors that can tell you when your mind is missing and how to get it back. Someone who can help you continually identify and address all the issues that come up when you put down the food.

Things don’t miraculously get better when you stop overeating or lose the weight. In fact they usually get a whole lot messier first as you come face to face with the current issues in your life that have developed from the consequences of all that addictive overeating and the original things that caused it.

There are many causes and consequences, just a quick review here so you can look for people that can address them in any plan you undertake; brain chemistry imbalance, trauma resolution, unresolved medical problems, cultural and familial influences, food allergies and sensitivities, obsession, compulsive depression or other mental health issues, learned unwellness, biological inheritances, sensory dis-regulation, isolation/ social anxieties, spiritual incoherence and inadequate emotional processing skills.

Is it any wonder that doing the grapefruit diet for 28 days on our own didn’t solve all these problems? It added to them because of the failure and frustration. DON’T KEEP MAKING THE SAME 3 MISTAKES.

So find a mentor that will help you find your inner wisdom, companions of like mind and get on the journey to wholistic wellness and weight mastery. Travelled with consciousness, conviction and good company, it will take you to and through all the issues that stand in the way of having the peace, purpose and physical presence you have always wanted. Never, never, never give up!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Anderson Dolan of WiseHeart Wellness Services provides treatment, public education and media information on food addiction and compulsive eating. She speaks and facilitates programs internationally and has been a counsellor for over 30 years and a recovering person maintaining a 150 lb weight loss, for over 2 decades. Current research is with people maintaining 100lb+ weight loss and how they continue to do that. WiseHeart Wellness now provides assessment and treatment online including brain chemistry optimization to end addictive eating. More information can be found at www.WiseHeartWeightMastery.com