Increase the utility your School ERP Software brings to your institution
We have talked extensively on the blog on how a good school management system can help with teachers, students, parents, and other staff achieve their school related and professional goals. But what about schools with multiple centers or branches? Having a school management software system that can’t handle the operations of multiple schools is a useful weapon in any admin’s arsenal.
Every institution’s processes and operations are unique to it – from finances to accounts class management. Therefore, in the case of multiple branches of schools under the aegis of one institution, a good multi branch school ERP software is one that can bring some uniformity to the processes across each college/university/school. This makes across-the-board management very easier.
School management software solutions can be found in dozens in the education technology sector. Whereas, good and bad apples exist in every system, by and large, they offer to perform similar functions for their customers. So what sets platforms like School ERP Software apart? It is not just the great features they offer to their clients. It is also the right commitment they have made to the institutes and education technology field, while also bolstering this commitment with their pledge to provide complete support to customers of the product.
All this on top of the fact that Mobit is so versatile, it can help in any feature a school needs by handing multiple branches in a smooth way.
Here are the 3 key features you should look for when looking for the right multi-school ERP software, system:
1. Scalability
One of the defining features of a good school ERP software is its ability to handle scale. This means that your ERP software should be able to handle everything from payroll for instructors and staff members with differing salary bands across all your schools, down to dormitory assignment details across all hostels. It will be able to handle the sheer volume of running processes super-fast and seamlessly without hurdles.
2. Versatility
A second defining factor is a flexibility. A good school ERP software will be able to handle the micro-adjustments to be made to various processes from school to school – like need-based fee adjustments for students with special requirements. However, at the end of the day, your School ERP Software must still produce a standardized output for the user to parse. The ability to handle scale while still accounting for versatility is a rare quality for any School ERP Software to have – Mobitsolutions offers reliable school product makes it more easily customization to your school’s needs.
3. Robustness
A third defining feature is a robustness. During peak times like admissions and on-boarding or school fee processing, your school ERP software must help ease the stress not slow things down. A School ERP Software that multiple times out on a task or fails to be agile is a liability for an institute, not an asset. This is where the ethics that Mobit is built on come into play. The fact that the platform is paid but we customization it for you and has a strong support team backing it up is what keeps this school ERP software up and running where its competitors fail.

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