If you have ever been really stuck, trying to use affirmations but just end up feeling more and more frustrated, you are going to love what you read here right now.

I used to love affirmations. I used to use them day and night Sometimes they seemed to work excellently, sometimes I wasn't so sure. And when life took a turn for the worse, I tried to use them again. But for some reason while struggling to pay the bills, struggling to stay positive, and struggling to stay afloat, they just didn't feel like they were working as well for me as they did before.

One day I learned why. I noticed a feeling inside, that was like a little nagging voice inside my head. One that spoke back to me almost every time I tried to use my affirmations. I would stop and say something like, “life is getting better and better all the time”, or “I am at peace with this”, and that little voice would mock me, call me a liar, or tell me to look around and get real.

So, I needed a new tool in the tool box. I needed something that worked every single time, something that instantly returned me to the state of flow and brought prosperity consciousness back into my life.

And that is when I discovered the 3 Magic Words that I now use everyday in my life, “I Remember When”.

Just a little bit ago, I was frustrated because I needed quiet time to write this article, but our neighbor kept making noise with his chainsaw. I was upset, and I was letting the noise get in the way of my writing. So I sat back, closed my eyes and repeated the three magic words, “I remember when...”

“I remember when - the chainsaw noise upset me. I remember when – I had writer's block. I remember when – the words started flowing and in no time, I remember when I had a wonderful article written.”

Let's explore exactly why these 3 magic words work so wonderfully and how you can use them starting right now.

“I remember when – the chainsaw noise upset me.” This implies that the chainsaw noise upsetting me is in my past. Once something is in your past, it is much easier to let go of. Now the noise might continue, or it might not, but the three magic words have allowed me to move “being upset” into the past, inside my mind – because I am remembering having been upset.

“I remember when – I had writer's block.” This tiny little statement, implies that I am no longer having writer's block. Again, writers block has moved into the past, because I am remembering having it.

POWER POINT: When you use the “I Remember When” method like we did above, you are telling your mind to notice now – how you “remember when” you were upset or blocked before.

This works because the mind naturally separates events in your life into the past, the present, and the future. When you use these three magic words, your mind instantly helps you remember “having been upset”, and you naturally move into a space for something new to show up in your life.

What we are going to to next is mind blowing, because you are going to learn how to make sure that past upset, block or frustration doesn't sneak back into your present.

Remember what I did next in the example.

“I remember when – the words started flowing...” This is where the real fun begins. When you take something you want to have happen in your life, like “the words flowing” and move it into your past with I Remember When, you automatically enter the experience that you had been wanting, because you have moved it into the recent past.

Take Away: We almost always follow this exact formula. Here is why. When you move the negatives into the past, it is like putting them on a stack, one on top of the other. And it is possible to pick back up again, what ever state is on the top of the stack.

So, we continue to use I Remember When to move into the past what we want to be doing right now, that is writing the article, being in the flow. We put the positive shift on the top of the stack, so that is the energy and state that sneaks into the present moment.

And finally, you will notice that I remembered when I had this wonderful article written. That creates a feeling of accomplishment inside, that actually increases flow and productivity. And that takes you to a whole new level, because you know, once you have a success, it is easier to have yet another success, and yet another success.

So next time you want to get back in the flow or when you want to put something negative behind you, remember to use the I Remember When method, and notice how fast it works.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: I Remember When is based on the teachings of Neville Goddard, who was the mentor of Wayne Dyer. You can read more on this method and other teachings of Neville by visiting us at http://freeneville.com

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