Law of attraction manifestation techniques may be varied, but they serve only one purpose and that's to help you get what you want. Knowing the principle of the law is one thing, but applying it in real life is another.

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Manifestation Technique # 1: Feel Good About Your Life.

It is human nature to complain about life. But taking one look at how unfair the situation is or how little you have, and then asking the universe for something, will lead to failure. Why?

Well, that's because your emotions are clearly not aligned with your intentions. The law of attraction is all about inclusion. You can't exclude anything.

If you dwell on the thought that you don't want to incur debt, for example, you are effectively including the thought of debt into your desires. And instead of not giving you debt, the universe focuses on delivering it to you.

That's why it's important for you to start feeling good. The better you feel, the more positive things you attract and the more in alignment you'll be.

Manifestation Technique # 2: Create A Goal Book.

Essentially, it's a diary of your goals. These goals can be either written down in words or encapsulated in images. By creating your diary, you're able to make your desires more real.

The more you look at your diary, the more you think about what you want, the more believable these desires will be. By constantly filling your goal book with thoughts of what you want and by looking at said book every night before you go to sleep, you're sending out a message to the universe.

Manifestation Technique # 3: Use Affirmations.

Reciting affirmations everyday is an integral part of the law of attraction process. It gives you the power to send messages to the universe.

Affirmations give you the confidence to believe in what you want and give you the courage to say your desires out loud. You may not think it to be powerful, but words when said aloud have great influence. It's almost like admitting to yourself and allowing yourself to ask for what you want.

These law of attraction manifestation techniques will serve as your guide to the fulfillment of your desires. After all, they serve only one purpose. And that is to help you achieve your goals.

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