If you want to practice your ability to turn thoughts into reality, then a couple of law of attraction exercises are just what you need. By engaging in these activities, you're conditioning your mind to manifest your dreams in life. Read on to find out more about these exercises.

Law Of Attraction Exercise # 1: Clearing Your Mind Of Clutter

Finding a quiet space in your mind for even just five minutes can do wonders for your health and happiness.

Meditation helps you clear your mind of any negative debris you normally have hanging around. It helps you open yourself up to an infinite number of possibilities - something that is essential if you want to practice the law of attraction successfully.

Daily meditations give you your much needed peace of mind and helps you focus more on the positive things. Every single day is a step closer to achieving your goal.

Law Of Attraction Exercise # 2: Visualization

By imagining a different possibility of yourself everyday, you're helping your imagination soar. The great thing about this exercise is you can do it almost anytime and anywhere you want. While you're doing the laundry, for example, you can imagine life with a housekeeper. You can imagine life without having to do a single chore.

Setting aside time for visualization is an important exercise because as your mind grows accustomed to producing images, its power to manifest said images also grows.

Law Of Attraction Exercise # 3: Expressing Gratitude In Life

It is important to say "thank you" for everything that you have in your life right now. When you wake up in the morning, be thankful that you have another day to make a difference.

When you get to work, be thankful that you have a job. If it's a job that you hate, then be thankful that you're being given a chance to make yourself stronger, a chance to lengthen your patience and a chance to become a better person for facing all your challenges head on.

It's about seeing the silver lining in life. Find five things you're grateful in life for and list them down dutifully in your journal. It's important that you do this everyday because writing things down helps you become more aware of how good your life is, and that feeling resonates in the universe. Doing these law of attraction exercises can do wonders for your life. Start practicing them and see the magic working for you.

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