We hear over and over that the most profitable email lists are the ones where the list owner has a good relationship with their list. Here are three steps to developing trust and rapport with your email list.
1. Tell the truth- If you have not made a lot of money in your online, don’t lie about it. Pushing a bunch of affiliate products does not build your trust either. You will probably get as many people opting out as you get opting in.
2. Deliver Value- Focus on delivering value to your list, not on making money. Of course you are in the business of making money, but put forth the effort to find affiliate products that you know your list will benefit from.
Link to an article, or another piece of content that you think your target market will enjoy, not just affiliate links. It will be even better if most of those links are to your own content.
3. Understand your Target Market- Work to understand the interests of your list. This is easier if you are also part of your target market.
If not, visit forums, read blogs and articles, and watch videos about relative content. As your knowledge grows in the industry, your value will grow in the marketplace.
A lot of emphasis is put on having a big list. As you study marketing, your list will grow. Your email list will be even more profitable if you have a good relationship with your subscribers.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
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