This article explains the best practices for information and cybersecurity that organizations must adopt to prevent privacy risks or hazards.

Cybercrimes are increasing today as businesses are widely embracing information and communications technology or ICT to conduct their day to day operations. There have been persistent threats to the information security of the businesses by hackers or intruders. For this reason, organizations need to have a specific and strong information security management system or ISMS. While ISO 9001 is the key quality assurance certification for validating the quality management system of the business, ISO 27001 is the chief certification for information protection. So, a company must certify its information security framework with the ISO 27001 standard.

While getting the ISMS of your business ISO certified is the biggest leap ahead in ensuring data security, there are many more practices that should be implemented. Here are some key practices to adopt to further strengthen your information security management.

Conducting Cyber Security Risk Assessments and Audits

Cyber-security experts from an external agency can help to perform assessments and comprehensive audits of your information security systems frequently. They will review the ICT systems and the data flow processes throughout your organization, helping you discover any weaknesses or security loopholes. Any found weaknesses can be immediately corrected before they lead to severe damage to your business’s privacy and integrity. The auditors will also provide security risk remediation to include in your ISMS following the assessment so that you do not encounter the same risks in the future.

Getting Advanced Cyber Security Model Certification

For organizations dealing with hyper-sensitive information that is of national interest or falls under the Department of Defense or DoD, they need to get the advanced and new CMMC certification. This cybersecurity maturity model certification defines tiered levels of protection, from level one to five. The level of certification that an organization needs depends on the type of the organization, data systems used, information assets including controlled unclassified information, etc. Hiring cybersecurity experts can help you identify the level of CMMC certification needed for your firm.

Conducting Cyber Security Awareness Program

You need to spread the word regarding the importance of cybersecurity among the members of your organization. Support a training and awareness program to educate the employees about the best security measures and the implemented ongoing ISMS. A good security awareness program will inform employees about the corporate security policy and practices to follow when working with ICT. Secondly, it will ensure employees are aware of the cyber risks by educating them about trending security threats. They are a part of the organization and can help to protect against cyber risks. So, they have the expertise and know-how to prevent the risks from occurring or mitigate them in case they occur. Depending on the competence of your internal security team, you can get a third-party agency to help you formulate and conduct security awareness training sessions.

Without appropriate measures and alertness for cybersecurity risks, it is impossible for any organization to defend their privacy and integrity from fraudulent attacks. There is vast information used by businesses every day concerning clients, suppliers, employees, investors, etc. All of this information must be kept safe, therefore a robust and effective ISMS that is certified with an international information security standard is needed. Like any quality assurance certification, it holds weight and specifies hard and fast regulations for organizations to protect their information privacy.

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