This article focusses on some of the major questions which, you should always ask before hiring property development lawyers in Sydney.

Real estate development is a tricky business in which you need to take big risks to earn big returns. This sector is prone to drastic market fluctuations and thus, extensive research and anticipation is always required to ensure that you can achieve maximum profits from your investment. As it involves an array of laws and provisions imposed by both the state and federal governments, things often become quite daunting for the property developers to handle the legal issues on their own without proper knowledge. On the contrary, acclaimed property development lawyers in Sydney possess a lot of professional knowledge and skillset to handle such cases and safeguard the interests of their clients. Hence, it is always worthy to seek help of specialised lawyers.

Choosing the right lawyer is again a not so simple task as you will find many legal experts around who will claim themselves to be the best in the league. But it is always required to evaluate the background and experience of the lawyer before hiring. Here are a few questions which, you should always ask while interviewing the lawyer.

How much relevant experience do you have?

Firstly, you should always look for attorneys who are well experienced in handling similar cases. He must have handled a variety of real estate cases with varied specifications which, will ensure that he is having profound knowledge over the legal area and can deliver assured success. Hence, you should always ask for his total years of experience in handling cases of property development.

What about your qualification and accreditation?

Next, you should always ask the lawyer about his qualification which will help you have an idea of his specialisation. You can expect every lawyer to be experienced or specialised in all the legal disciplines. And thus, you need to be sure that the lawyer you’re considering to hire is specialised in property development laws and will be able to deal with all the legal issues which you might come across on your behalf. Also, ask whether his firm has been recognised or accredited by any renowned institution or authority as it will help in understanding about his professional credibility and expertise.

Will there be someone to assist you or you will be handling everything on your own?

Renowned and big legal firms mostly hand over a certain proportion of their work to the junior attorneys or paralegals, who will be equally involved to your case along with the senior attorney. Hence, you should ask this thing to the lawyer and get everything cleared out beforehand. You should also ask for contact details of those members who will be involved in your case so that you can reach them out directly as and when required.


Lastly, you should ask about his charges such that you can work as per your budget and don’t end up overspending. Experienced property development lawyers in Sydney are always concerned about securing the best interests of their clients and hence, you can stay relaxed by assigning your case to them and focus on your core business operations.

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The author is one of the knowledgeable property development lawyers in Sydney who has enormous knowledge and experience in delivering specialised solutions to clients. With enriched and in-depth legal knowledge, he also likes to write blogs and articles on a variety of relevant topics as well.