Any business that you start is going to business expenses associated with it. However, there some hidden expenses that you should pay attention to when choosing a MLM business. Here are 3 expenses to keep in mind.
1.Cost of products and/or services- One thing that a lot of network marketing companies teach is that the reason they are able to pay their distributors is because they cut out the cost of the middle man.
However, most companies end up justifying the high cost of their products and services at the same time.
If you would not purchase the products or service at the price that a company sets, then that is probably not the best company for you to join.
2. Cost of sales material- Some companies make the bulk of their money selling sales literature to their distributors. These flyers and brochures are many times ineffective, and do nothing more than brand the company.
Most network marketers end up being glorified sales reps and the sales literature do more to facilitate that process as opposed to helping their distributers make sales.
3. Auto-ship expense- Is the money you are paying every month for your products and services comparable to the cost of similar items on the market place?
There is something to be said for the quality of a product, but ask yourself if you are really able to move the products or services at a reasonable price…or are you only helping your company’s bottom line.
These are expenses that are usually overlooked in a MLM presentation, but should definitely be considered,
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Jeremiah Carstarphen
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