Are you bored? Board games are amazing entertainment for the family evening or a party with friends. Check out this list and find the right one for you!

Mattel Games Pictionary Air – Utilizes Advanced Technologies and Smartphones

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Younger generations are going to love this game. It has its own application that transforms the playing experience. Apart from that, the game is basic. The active player has to sketch the target word. He is “drawing” with the pen in the air. But the picture appears on the smartphone. You can adjust the timer, to spice up the gaming process.

It’s likely to become the best new board game for adults. It’ll fit not only tech-savvies but also older generations. However, some may face a technological barrier. The game is simple and doesn’t require any specific skills.

The technological part appears to be a problem. The application doesn’t work properly. It’s poorly matched for TV mirroring: the picture isn’t available in the landscape mode.

If you don’t mind some minor technical inconveniences, the game is worth a try. It’s engaging yet straightforward. By the way, the video is recorded. Therefore, you can always replay your most favorite moments.

1- Features tech-savvy
2- Entertaining for both family and friends

1- May not be suitable for older people
2- The application doesn’t work properly

Adult Scattergories – the Best Trivia Board Game for Adults

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Are you up for an intellectual competition? Adult Scattegories is your loyal servant here. However, this game isn’t merely about answering the questions. You have to start all of the answers with a particular letter. The players, who have more unique solutions than others, win the round.

The package contains basically everything. It also includes an hourglass timer. It allows you to spice up the game if it seems very easy. There are more than 3,500 category combinations and 20 letters. It’s hardly possible to get bored easily.

Nonetheless, there are several inconveniences. First, players have to pay attention to an hourglass timer while answering questions. It won’t go off like an electronic one. Secondly, the category cards can be hard to read due to small letters.

1- Plenty of combinations
2- Suitable for two and more players
3- Full package

1- Hard to read category cards
2- Not durable materials

The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis Board Game – Mirrors Real-Life Struggles

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The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis isn’t the solution to run away from everyday stress. On the contrary, it features difficult life situations. For example, you start a game with a $500,000 debt. Pay it off first, and you are the winner. Basically, anything can happen: from divorce to destroying your phone.

The game requires a tactical approach. It can be considered as the best strategy board game for adults. The Game of Life is a good pick if you want to spend a good evening in the company of the same old folks. However, people may not like it if they can’t laugh off the challenging life situations.

On the other hand, it may appear not realistic for skeptics. The game lacks a spinner that could have made it easier to play.

1- Hilarious cards
2- Develop strategic thinking

1-Lacks spinner

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