What is Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a particular type of massage that uses energy and chakras (a centre of energy in the body, based on Indian cultural belief) to relax the person into the state of feeling that physical boundaries have dissolved. Genevieve Duarte, an expert in Tantric massage, in White Lotus East, New York, explained through email conversation that tantric massage was not a “fast” experience, as seen by people.

The experience should reflect a total relaxation, in a safe, comfortable and undisturbed environment, she says. The purpose of tantric massage is not orgasm, but to please your partner. Making your partner happy should be a priority.

What is involved in a tantric massage?
The tantric massage focuses on stimulating the nerves in the sexual organs to create new sensory pathways to the brain. In a tantric session, a lot can happen, Rachel says. Usually, it's about removing all blockages in the person's body to pave the way for higher amounts of sexual energy. This allows people to express themselves better in the world, in the zone of genius, to make them more alive and brighter, and happier.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Helps you to forget your worries

As strange as it seems, some people need to learn how to give, while others need to learn how to receive, she explains. According to her website: The tantric massage will make you feel like you're in a trance where the physical limits dissolve, the time disappears, worries and the problems do not seem any more relevant or are entirely forgotten. Tantra is supposed to be a path to awareness, which is related to yoga or Zen philosophy.

Helps you keep your physical nature safe

A tantric massage allows you to keep your physical nature safe and calm you, no matter how bad your day was. This message has become very popular among people in Singapore who work in offices. Any workload and stress can be taken off as soon as you have finished your tantric massage no wonder there is high rate of search for tantric massage website in Singapore. Leave the spa with a sense of calm and friendliness to start a new day tomorrow with a peaceful sleep at night.

Boost your immune system

With the help of such a message, a patient can improve his circulation in the body which relieves half of the disease that could attack him after a stressful day. You’ll be able to improve circulation, lymphatic movements and boost your immune system. This is a new method that allows you to experience a replacement aspect of expectations and positivity. It explains how you can enchant your body as a sort of sanctuary and how you can be smart.

Like alternative treatments, tantric performances will expose the locks in your brain and provide you with new possibilities. These practices encourage you and can eliminate the problems of thinking that last a lifetime. It is a purely natural healing method that helps your body recover from various mental conditions.

The benefits of medical massage are many, but it is better to consult a doctor or a psychotherapist to find out more.

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