It isn’t always easy to be different; yet, if you want to be innovative, you’ve got to break with trends, traditions, and even your own habits. There’s no way around this; innovators are bringers of new things – not old things. New means change; change means different. You won’t find those inspirations and motivations to do new things, however, by staying in your comfort zone. Innovators in business, industry, and technology all follow certain rules – their own rules – not the standard rules of thinking and acting that most of society uses. To break through to a new reality, try following these “golden rules” for creating change:

1. Be Creative. Do something new; do something different. You can use old things and ideas for inspiration; but avoid repeating old ideas. Instead, seek that which is new – no matter how scary it might be to be radically different.

2. Be Bold. Stand and face the world courageously; you are not really any safer sitting at home with your un-tried ideas dying a slow death. When you do something new and different, never apologize; always move forward learning and growing from each new experience. Don’t be afraid of being different; be proud of being different – revel in your uniqueness and boldness.

3. Be Focused on Your Vision. Diligent thought, imagination, focus and concentration are the true tools of successful innovation. The Wright brothers did not solidify their vision of a powered airplane by casually chatting about the possibility for a few minutes each day; they were beset with a firm belief that they could fly – and they stayed focused on that vision until it came to fruition.

The stimulus of the outside world (television, news media, entertainment media, family drama, friends, schedules, conflicts, etc…) is always pulling at our focus and attention; and, combined with all of this environmental “noise,” the repetitive programming and conditioning we are exposed to make it nearly impossible for anyone to have a truly original thought. Coupled with the unfortunate fact that many people’s spirits are often “beat into submission” at a very young age with verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, creating something new – and stepping out of the box – can present quite a challenge. But you will find that the journey is worth it if only you stay the course, stay awake, and follow these simple rules for realizing your goals and dreams – and creating a positive change in the world.

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