Do you believe that just because you turned forty, fifty or perhaps even sixty, that your body¡¦s metabolism has to slow down? Why? Because this is what everyone says, or believes? So does that make it absolute truth?
It is true that it does happen, but only because you believe it to be true! Whatever you totally believe to be true, becomes your own personal truth.

How many times have you heard someone say to someone else, ¡§ You are just a worthless piece of s¡K. ,¡¨ and what does that person grow up to believe and become? Have you ever heard someone tell you, ¡§You will never amount to anything, or you just weren¡¦t cut out to be this, that or the other thing?¡¨ And what happens. It becomes truth because you truly accepted it as truth.

What do you think would happen to your life if you were only ever told that you were a creation of God, itself, and you were truly made perfect in every way? Do you think your life may have turned out a bit differently? Of course it would, because this would have become your truth and reality.

This series of articles are written to teach you how you truly can become your own master of self-healing. Because your mind does have total dominion over your body. And whatever you believe to be truth becomes your reality.

It is the intent of this article, to teach you how you truly can have a more youthful metabolism, because it is truth that a youthful metabolism will heal more quickly and easily then one of an older person. The secret is now we have to reprogram your subconscious mind to accept the more youthful metabolism as your new truth.

In the previous two issues I discussed the topics, ¡§Twenty-one Days to Better Health¡¨ and ¡§Twenty-one Days to Managing Stress.¡¨

These articled taught how to use self-hypnosis to create a new understanding of reality, and alter the belief systems of the reader. I recommend that you contact the magazine and request a reprint of the articles, or better yet, request the back issues. However for the sake of expediency, I will give you a quick recap of what was discussed in the articles.

Step One of Self-hypnosis
Just prior to settling into bed sit quietly on the edge of the bed and do some deep breathing exercises to create a better level of relaxation. After you are relaxed, begin by placing your hands on your lap and repeat the following phrase. ¡§Every day, In every way, I get better and better.¡¨ Say this slowly and with meaning, and envision yourself improving in a very specific way. You will repeat this ten times, using your fingers on your lap to keep track of the count, by pressing a finger into your leg with each repetition. It is important to do this exercise ten time, This exercise should take three full minutes.

Step Two
Immediately after completing step one, repeat this following phrase ten time, repeating the same counting process. ¡§ Every time I see the colour yellow, it reminds me that I am¡¨
„h Calm
„h Relaxed
„h And in control
„h Of my mind
„h My body
„h And my soul

This must also be said with conviction and thoughtfully. This also should take three minutes.

Step Three
This next exercise will take a minimum of three minutes but can take as long as it takes to fall asleep.

Simply envision yourself at an age where you were at your personal best, and repeat a minimum of ten times. ¡§I now have the metabolism that duplicates my age of -------- (what ever age you have chosen), and most importantly, envision it vividly.

It is vitally important that each of the exercises should be practiced faithfully for a full twenty-one days, because anything you do for this time becomes habit and will last forever, and remember,

You do have the ability to turn back the hands of time to achieve a more youthful body.

Author's Bio: 

Rod Kelly holds a master's certification in hypnotherapy and focuses his practice on teaching other the art of self-healing. His new book, "The Empowerment of Self-Healing" will be released in June 08.

He is the owner of a retreat and wellness centre in Northern Ontario where he conducts training and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. He also conducts a series of seminars, ranging from two hours to a full weekend in duration, and is in the process of organizing a tour for his seminar series. For more information, please contact Eye of the Eagle.