In the Beginning, there were seven days of Creation. So at the End, there will have to be seven reciprocal days of Destruction.

But don’t get worried.

“Seven” is an ancient and universal symbol of complete achievement. Thus, we have seven days of creation, seven colors of the spectrum, and seven notes in the musical scale. The Hindus speak of seven chakras, Aristotle speaks of seven spheres, Dante speaks of seven heavens. There are even seven deadly sins.

The Creation of the world was accomplished in seven days, and a symbolic interpretation of the Old Testament reveals that the soul completed its descent from “Abraham” to “Joseph” (these Biblical characters represent stages of spiritual growth) and into the bondage of illusion, through seven levels. Under the guidance of “Moses” and “Joshua”, the soul can return to the “Promised Land” by re-ascending these same seven levels. So when the story gets to Jericho (a symbolic place, which, by the way - speaking literally, historically and archaeologically - had ceased to exist long before the Israelites got there around 1200 BCE), God will completely destroy His Creation in seven days.

But this allegory of Destruction is only a symbol – a symbol that really only relates to the personal ‘world’ that is being left behind by one enlightened soul. When Spiritual Awakening has occurred and the soul has been perfected, the purpose of the Creation has been fulfilled. The soul is then completely finished with matter, she has experienced all the sufferings and joys of life, and it is time to return home.

In other words, if we spiritually succeed in reuniting with the Divine, our experience of this world of suffering and illusion ‘disappears’ and everything merges into the One.

This is the esoteric (and only actual) meaning of the oft-awaited “End of the World”.

And it’s really a New Beginning.

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