The Council Twelve

We are here and we bring you much light, love, energy and upliftment into this new faze of development in your paradigm of BEing.

Much has been written about the year of 2012 .

It is a shift in Consciousness.

We state that this ‘shift’ is already ‘present’ and now the assimilation and out-picturing is to take place.

You may not be confident about this shift but you are ready and now, NOW it IS.

Listen quietly at every chance you have to the withIN-HeartVoice and you will begin to see what is being disclosed.

All the pieces have been placed before you and now you are to bring them all together.

All that we speak of is by your freewill and choice.

It is/has been up to you.

We are speaking to those of you that resonate to what is being brought forth by this message.

The mosaic now is to be brought together by each of you in unison. That ‘bringing together’ is your mission and you will be receiving all the assistance you may need.

Be open to this assistance.

Choose the assistance of LIGHT by simply speaking the words ‘I choose the LIGHT-PATH to guide me’.

Trust can be wavering at times but hold fast to the seed we plant withIN your Consciousness.

The seed of ‘trust’ is there withIN you now and let it germinate and grow.

Each of you will progress at your own pace and purpose.

It would be highest not to judge yourSELF by observing another’s experience.

We speak now ‘about what all this means’.

Your current plane of existence is going through a total and major Upliftment.

There is no time to wonder what is going on or to be docile.

We speak these words with stronger focus than we have in the past and we speak with compassion, however we speak with firm convection that it is now your time to act upon what we have prepared you for in the past transmissions.

We now encourage you to ‘act’ upon you inner knowing.

You each are fully capable of action and ‘now’ is your time to respond.

There IS a time-line that has come into play that IS written into the cosmic history that IS to be acted upon and you are the ones that are to do these actions.

Although fear may rise up and cause disturbance, you are ready to let this fear consciousness to wane and each new step you take forward will show this fear to be dissipating, until it shows itself as nothingness.

Your plane of existence is crying out for assistance to progress into the LIGHT and peace and to have all the population to be in harmony.

The next few months in your time-line are to be brought into alignment and it is for each of you to do your piece of the action.

You already know your highest purpose is ready to take action.

We will assist to remove the veils of illusion, and bring about willingness to let go of the layers of confusion.

The energy of this message will assist you and we stand along side you in these most highly auspicious and crucial actions in your Consciousness.

Their will be some that choose to remain ‘as is’, and they, have that freewill, and so it is.

To each his own. without judgment.

A note from the channel: I sense I cannot copyright these messages. The words and energy are of the LIGHT and therefore I ask that as you pass along any of this information, please include the complete and total message with a link to:

Author's Bio: 

C.N.KOR RODGERS is a Psychic Spiritual Counselor with over 30 years experience in his healing ministry.
Reiki Master and Reiki practioner of 26 years.