David Scher, aka DJ Scher, may just be 20 years old, but he has accomplished far more than most of his peers have by his age. Being involved in four thriving companies, DJ Scher knows what it takes to be successful at such a young age. He has had his fair share of obstacles. Yet, everything he went through has helped him get to where he is today. David shared exactly what it takes to be a young and successful entrepreneur.

One of the primary requirements according to him is to become wholly dedicated to succeeding. DJ Scher was grinding away 24/7 in order to achieve success. Even when his friends and family didn't believe in him, he kept pressing on.

He also recommends removing bad habits and negative people from your life. Once David did this, he saw that he was no longer sabotaging himself. All of that negative talk can take a massive toll on your confidence in your abilities.

David also recommends stepping outside of your comfort zone. Nobody who is somebody achieved great things by staying within their comfort zone. To achieve immense success, you are going to need to get uncomfortable first. However, pretty soon it will feel comfortable to be uncomfortable because you know what comes next: unbridled success.

DJ Scher realized that for things to change you have to change yourself. He first needed to kick bad habits. Next, came people who were toxic to his success. Anything who wasn’t adding something valuable to his life or supporting him had to be removed from his immediate sphere of influence.

Also, David strongly emphasizes the need to stop making excuses for why you can’t do something. If you look for it, you will find a million and one excuses for why you shouldn’t pursue your dreams. Combine that with a lack of a strong work ethic, and success becomes a distant mirage. DJ Scher has kept determined and motivated to become a successful entrepreneur, no matter what it took. Today, it is clear that he has achieved just that.

Every challenge that he faced only strengthened his resolve to unlock the success he knows can be his. In fact, DJ Scher believes that every single challenge you face along the path to success will only make you stronger and more adaptable. Facing these challenges ties into being comfortable in being uncomfortable.

Today, David runs a successful digital marketing agency called Scher Marketing, an online dropshipping store named Luxsy, and a hair product company called Cozze. He is also a business partner with Alex Smetana for Discontinue Agency, a modeling agency. All of this success shows that if you follow his advice, you are bound to unlock your own success.

You can follow DJ Scher on Instagram @DJScher, as well as his agency Discontinued Talent @discontinue. You can also connect with his marketing agency @ScherMarketing.


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