Father’s Day is held every year to celebrate fathers and fatherhood. In popular culture, it is often seen that mothers and motherhood take center stage. There are any number of quotes about mothers, enough books have been written about a mother’s love and sacrifices, and plenty of movies have been made on this theme as well. Even the Mother’s Day celebrations are more high profile than those on Father’s Day. In the past, the mother played a central role in the development of a child. The father, too, played a key role, but it was mostly unseen, unheard, and unsung. Fathers in films and books were mostly represented as strong, silent, and taciturn individuals who were emotionally distant from their children and were content to let mothers do the lion’s share of the parenting. But when times changed, so did the perception of fathers. Ever since women entered the workforce, gender roles have been changing. Today, these roles have begun to overlap, and it is not uncommon to see a working wife with a house husband. And as women begin to perform traditional male roles, men too have begun to take on traditional female roles. The modern father has evolved into a tender, caring, and openly affectionate man who feeds his kids, changes their diapers, and helps them do their homework, et al.

So let’s give our fathers their due on Fathers day 2020, by celebrating it with vim and vigor. And to inspire you, here are 20 reasons why.

Dads make good role models

Fathers are important role models for us. While girls seek, in the perfect man, the qualities associated with their fathers, boys wish to be strong and capable like them. The absence of a strong father figure often has a negative impact on a boy’s development.

Dads make good counselors

Fatherly advice is the no-nonsense type. They can be brutally honest when it comes to telling you home truths you need to hear. But they will lend you their shoulder to cry on and a bear hug to boot.
They can fix most things

Whether it’s a broken toy, a car that stalls inexplicably, or a leaky faucet, we can always depend on our Dads to fix it. They are very good at DIY.

Dads help out with tasks

When it is your turn to do dull and dreary household tasks like mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage, and you are simply not in the mood, you don’t tell Mom. You tell Dad because though he looks hard on the outside and talks tough, it is a well-known secret that he is the real softie in the house. He is the one you can count on to come to your help.

Dads are up for adventure

Try telling Mom about wanting to watch a tornado from close quarters, and you will probably never know what hit you. But Dad is a different matter altogether. He loves adventure and all kinds of risks and dares, whether it is trying the wildest rollercoaster rides in the theme park, watching horror movies or indulging in extreme sports. He wants his kids to be brave and bold.

Dads love sports

If you are a football fan or crazy about cricket, you would rather hang out with Dad, not Mom. Mothers don’t mind accompanying us on shopping expeditions, to the beauty parlor, or to the doctor, but they run a mile if you want their company to watch a game in the stadium. But Dads are always glad to take you for a game and they are great fun on the stands, too.

They are more easygoing

Dads are more easygoing. They will allow us to stay up a little late, make a mess of the playroom, play video games, have ice cream in December, and be willing to look the other way when you toss the spinach into the trash can.

They help us with money

Fancy a dress that costs a small fortune? Want to buy a flat near your workplace? Fell in love with the latest model BMW? So what if you are running a bit short? There’s always dear Dad who will dip into his deep pockets and make up the shortfall. Simply because it makes him so happy to see that big smile on your face.

Dads are good motivators

When you have butterflies in your tummy the day before a major exam or a job interview, who boosts your morale and encourages you to give it your best shot? Dad has a way of making you believe that you are the smartest kid in the whole world. Because you are his kid! And that really makes you believe in yourself.

Dad is our personal removal company

When it is time to move to University or to a new home, dads are the ones who turn up, van in tow, to help us shift our belongings. Moving to another place is a walk in the park if Dad is around to help.

Dad ferries us around

Need a lift to your workplace? Got a plane to catch? There is no need to panic about finding a cab, as long as Dad is around. He will ferry you wherever you need to go, whenever you want to. In fact, you don't even have to ask him.

Dads tell us to be ourselves

Dads want us to be true to ourselves. They will encourage us to be our own person, and give a helping hand so that we can achieve our dreams and goals, both professional and personal.

They help us to find our feet

When we were kids, they helped us to learn to walk. As adults, they help us find our feet by supporting us when we need them.

They are our protectors

When our boyfriend breaks up with us, when the boss makes us work excess hours, our Dads know the right things to say and do. He is our defender and protector who keeps all the monsters at bay.

Dads help us learn cool things

When you want to learn cool things like surfing, skateboarding, or football, who do we turn to? Our Dads, of course. They do ‘cool’ pretty well.

They teach us how to BBQ

Dads are the BBQ kings at home, and if you want to learn how to cook the perfect steak, he is the guy who will teach you how to do it.

They make us laugh

At home, Dads love to clown around to make us laugh. We get our funny bone mostly from our Dads. They help us see the humor in any situation. Most importantly, they will teach us to laugh at ourselves.

They teach us how to drive

For many of us, fathers are usually the driving instructors. They may drive us mad in the process, but once we get the hang of it, we can thank them for the money they helped us save.

They love sports

Dads are the ones to take us to see our first big football or cricket match. If you love sports, your Dad is probably your favorite person.

They allow us to play the fool with them

Dads love all kinds of fun and don’t mind playing along. They will let you ride piggyback on them or put makeup on their faces because they love a good laugh.

They love to cook for us (occasionally)

It’s a myth that Dads don’t like to enter the kitchen. Dads are more adventurous and experimental in the kitchen, and this often leads to some delicious results.

They are our guarantors

Buying our first car or a new house is a dream come true for us, and Dad helps to make it come true by being our guarantor.

They cover for us

When we get up to some mischief, Dad doesn’t mind covering for us, even if it means incurring Mom’s wrath.

Now that you have 20 reasons to celebrate your Dad, make sure that Father’s Day 2020 will be a truly unforgettable day for your Dad or father-figure.

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