I love writing, I love music, you love traveling, you bought latest smart phone, you fall in love, whatever we are doing, we are doing everything just to feel certain emotions. We feel wide range of emotions throughout a day, throughout our life. Or we can say we chase emotions. Certain desirable emotions are emotions of love, emotion of victorious, emotion of achievement, emotion of accepted, emotion of proud, emotion of feel good etc. But we also feel certain negative emotions which we don’t want, emotion of jealousy, emotion of pain, emotion of rejection, emotion of broken heart, emotion of fear, emotion of loss and many more.

What are those emotions?

The feelings/emotions we experience are nothing more than chemical reactions taking place inside our brain and body. If we can alter those chemicals then we can also change feelings we experience. This is what psychiatrist do. When someone feeling depressed, doctors use antidepressant medication to alter those chemicals so that he/she no longer feels emotion of depression.

But problem with medication is that they are temporary, the moment you stop it, you are back in your miserable life. Can we find a natural way to maintain our hormones level steady so that we can always experience peace, loved, calm and happiness. Or won’t it be great if you achieve the power which doesn't feel you bad when you are rejected, you won’t feel angry when someone makes fun of you, you won’t feel depressed when you lose your job.

The answer is YES, the two most powerful tools for that are Meditation and Physical Exercise.


Think of a monkey which is crazy, this crazy monkey will move here and there. Now what will happen if this crazy monkey is drunk. It will be very difficult to control this crazy drunk monkey. Our mind is same as crazy drunk monkey. It wonders everywhere. We create more than 50 thousands thoughts everyday and it gets carried away with every unnecessary thoughts. Meditation will make that crazy drunk monkey to settle in one place, which is peace and calm monkey. Our original nature is peace, happy and blissful. We get distracted with every stimulus we receive everyday. We get distracted with TV, phones, computers, Internet, drugs or emotions and hence we never realize real happiness which is our true nature. Meditation brings you to your original state which is state of bliss. At that state you don’t need any outside stimulus to feel happy, or if you get stimulus from outside, you don’t get carried away with it. Anything happens with you won’t affect your mental peace. You just become one with the universal mind. As I said before, every emotion is chemical reaction inside our brain and body. Meditation makes you more aware of your thoughts. You restore the power of keeping your hormones at the same level. Any stimulus like break up, loss of job, death of someone, insulted by someone etc can’t change your hormones because you have the power to restore it back to natural level which feels you happy, loved, calm.

Physical Exercise

We are brain and body, our brain operates through our body. If brain is our conscious mind, then our body is our subconscious mind. Any stimulus which affects our mind also affects our body. Whenever there is any changes in hormones level in our brain, our brain also programs every cell our body through that emotion. So brain and body are not separate rather they are connected through emotions. If you feel emotion of anger, then your brain uses specific neurotransmitters to program your body so that your body can also feel emotion of anger. If meditation is for mind then physical exercise is for body. Physical exercise increases heart rate and thus increases oxygen flow in our brain. Physical exercise also increases endorphin hormone which is feel good hormone. Endorphin also acts as pain killer, it eases your physical and emotional pain. Scientifically proven that physical exercise works as antidepressant. People who are physically active experiences more excitement and enthusiasm. Physical exercise also enhances your learning capacity and decision making power. It has also proven that physical activity has the capacity to alter your thoughts pattern and it controls your negative thoughts.

Physical exercise and mediation when combined, they have the power to make your blissful, peaceful and calm. People who do both regularly experience more happiness and peace irrespective anything with happening with them. They are more immune to negative shocks and they learn the art of being happy every time.

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