Life secrets do such things exist? Well I have two super life secrets to share. They are such simple life secrets that I am sure you do not need reminding! But I hope you will be inspired.

Life secret 1: Gratitude

The first life secret is gratitude. This is the magic ingredient of life. Like a magic dust. It is the state of being where you stop worrying and take a moment to appreciate the wonder of life.

Make time for it every day. Think about all the blessings you have in your life. Think about your body. There are so many things to be grateful for. Legs that can take you anywhere you want to go. Hands to use tools. Eyes that you can see this miraculous whole world with. Think about your life circumstances. I was talking to my friend, Robin and came up with the essential components of a happy life warmth, feeling rested, fullness (of food) and being clean. As well the concept of their opposites cold, tiredness, hunger and being dirty. I think it is clearly considering these opposites how much we take for granted the simple beauties in life.

How often do you think about how grateful you are for..?

- Shelter

- Having enough money for to buy food

- Clean water

- Hot bath/shower

- Having a bed

You get the idea. It will help you to love your life so much more if you can feel that super happy feeling of gratitude to the things that make your life safe and secure. Also think about all the people who made that your existence was possible. Your ancestors. The parents or other kind beings that looked after you when you were helpless and made you got to maturity.

So it is a simple life secret but make sure you get some gratitude in your day.
Life secret 2: Love

The second life secret is love. Love is all around us. Give some to another person and they will carry that love around with them. Also hopefully your act of love will be like a ongoing ripple, the people you touch, touch others (thoughts and feelings rather than physically!).

What do I mean by love actually? Sure we talk of love romantically between two human beings or between of something different again between parents and a child. But what is that intangible feeling?

I do not know. But imagine a world in which the rest of the population was wiped out. You were alone and you could not express your love for humanity because they no longer exist.

Giving people your love is easy. You can listen to them. You can try and understand them. You can smile at/with them. You can look at them. You talk with them. You can touch them, shakes there hands, hug them and more (careful!).

So these are the life secrets. I hope you have success with them!

Author's Bio: 

I am committed to helping and serving the world in a positive way. Ultimately this is why write and make videos.

Throughout my life, I feel I’ve had some challenges in my existence but I have adapted and used these things to strengthen and improve my way of life.

I love life. I wake up every single morning full of wonder and joy at the opportunity of another day of existence. I love seeking new experiences, new people and new feelings. I like to read about new and challenging ideas. I love to talk with people because I feel that people are what makes our lives so enjoyable.

I am a traveler, optimist, student, philosopher, explorer and many other things. I am constantly adapting and changing. I hope to share all of my ideas with you so you can use them to make your life the best it can be.