Here are a few quick tips to consider if you want to live a successful life during your single parent journey.

Spiritual Succes

1. Spend time in nature to revive yourself.

2. Write thoughts, joys, and frustrations in a journal.

3. Attend a community event to support and give back.

4. Instill spiritual principles into your kids.

5. Help a family or elderly person in need.

6. Read a book of poems or meditation.

7. Seek the help of a counselor or life coach.

8. Listen to music which get you moving or helps you relax.

Physical Success

9. Go for a walk. A good walk will clear your thoughts and tone your body.

10. Eat good, healthy food. Healthy food will prolong and give you quality of life.

11. Have regular visits to the doctor. A regular check-up is essential for staying physically fit.

12.Eat breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day to give you a good start.

Self-Care Success

13. Step back when overwhelmed.

14. Walk (or run) away for a little while to prevent mental and emotional overload.

15. Take a day off to regroup your life and mind.

16. Take a half-day off if a whole day is impossible. Those few hours will do wonders for your soul. Use the time to pamper yourself.

17. Remember when the mommy feels good everyone else feels good too!

18. Have dreams and set attainable goals. Knowing when, where, and how will keep you on track in your effort to reach them.

Excerpted from 100 Secrets of Successful Single Motherhood

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Samantha Gregory aka RichSingleMomma is the editor of She is also a freelance writer, author, and mom of two.