Architecture is a fantastic subject to study, but you need to make sure you’re prepared

Are you thinking of making architecture your chosen subject when you go to university? That’s great, but you might need to understand a bit more about what you’re getting yourself in for. Even if you’re still a couple of years away from actually attending university, there is plenty you can be doing to start getting prepared.

Here are 15 things to expect from your future architecture degree.

Architecture sucks you in and doesn’t let go
When you’re studying architecture, you will give it your all not because you have to do, but because you want to. You’ll soon discover the thrill of finishing a challenging project and being happy with it.

You’ll need to watch your sleeping pattern
It’s all too easy to stay up working all night on a project, so try to set yourself a strict sleeping pattern.
That being said, you’ll learn to love caffeine
For the nights when you do stay up, you may well find yourself appreciating a strong cup of joe to give you a boost! Your sleep coach will tell you not to rely too much on caffeine but many students will tell you it is an inevitability at some point.

And you’ll learn the benefit of power napping
But when you need to rest, do. No amount of coffee is going to make it easier to get through a day of studying on no sleep.

Learn to accept criticism

We all want our work to be perfect, but that’s just not realistic. You’re going to receive a lot of constructive criticism from tutors and peers in your first few weeks at university, so learn to take it on board.

Understand that a first draft is just a draft
Similarly, don’t get too emotionally invested in your first draft. Once you’ve worked on it so much, it will probably be something completely different.

It’s normal to question everything
Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something – it’s the only way you’ll learn after all.

Look after yourself
Self care is imperative at university, as you’ll no longer have your family to make sure you’re eating and sleeping at the right times. Always take time to care for your needs.

Make time for your social calendar
The workload might be a lot, but you should still take a night or two off to see friends and form bonds. Otherwise university can be a lonely experience.

There are chances for trips and tours
Many architecture courses come with opportunities to travel, so look out for these. You may see some incredible sights during your studies!

Get on with your teachers
Get to know your tutors, and allow them to get to know you. This will make you feel more confident about asking them questions and seeking advice.

Write a lot
Perhaps surprisingly, writing is a huge part of an architecture degree. Start getting into the habit now by keeping a notebook with you at all times.

Sketch a lot
By studying architecture, you are becoming an artist, so get used to making art. Sketch various things you see, like buildings, scenery and people.

Watch your posture
Architecture involves a lot of hurried, hunched working over a piece of paper, which isn’t particularly great for your spine. Get in the habit of doing gentle exercises and stretches to watch your posture.

You can start preparing now!
Summer school programmes like the ones available from Cambridge Immerse allow you to get a head start on your studies. These two-week programmes help you get familiar with architecture, and understand more about the university lifestyle. It’s also a great way to discover whether architecture is the right subject for you.

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Mike is a Student. Architecture is a fantastic subject to study, but you need to make sure you’re prepared