1. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

This tech is de rigueur these days, with even smaller hatchbacks offering them, helping you stay connected to your smartphone universe while on the move. These projection standards allow the essentials of your smartphone’s interface to extend to the car infotainment screen, with inputs through physical buttons, the touchscreen or voice commands. Also, they are intuitive enough to use on the go and have been designed to keep distractions to a minimum.

2. Cooled seats

Once reserved for top-of-the-line luxury cars, this feature has become mainstream. The seats come with built-in fans that blow cooled air through several tiny pores in the seats. They help you cool down faster, or just keep that sweat stain off the back of your shirt. With our blistering summers that have temperatures soaring, this is a feature you'll really want.

3. LED headlamps

LED headlamps are simple and highly efficient. They light up instantly, last far longer than other light sources, and can emit a bright light that is closer to the intensity of daylight. LEDs are even offered on smaller hatchbacks and sedans these days.

4. Daytime running lamps (DRLs)

First introduced in Sweden in the 1970s, DRLs help make your vehicles more visible to other road users, thus reducing the possibility of accidents. Mostly made up of LEDs, these lamps consume little energy and have a long lifespan. DRLs also double as a styling signature, like BMW’s Corona Rings or Volvo’s Thor’s Hammer.

5. Cooled glovebox

Cooled air is directed into the glovebox via a separate air vent that can be opened and closed manually. It is another great feature for our summers as you can keep your beverages cool, store chocolates or other vitals, like medication, that are temperature dependent.

6. Keyless entry and go

At this price, you surely wouldn't want to fumble around with your keys each time you want to open or start your car. The feature will help you skip this step. All the driver has to do is keep the key on him. A button/touch sensor on the door handle will unlock/lock the vehicle. Once inside, press the Start/Stop button to fire up the engine. It’s that simple.

7. Panoramic sunroof

YThis is one feature that is high up on the shopping list of most car buyers. Usually associated with premium cars, panoramic sunroofs flood the cabin with natural light and enhance the feeling of space.

8. Paddleshifters

Most automatic transmission cars these days come with a manual gear tipping function, but having a pair of paddleshifters will surely bring a smile to your face, especially while driving in an enthusiastic manner. If you want a more urgent response from your car, simply drop a gear using the paddles, without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.

9. Multi-zone climate control

Can’t decide on what the ideal temperature in your car should be? Enter multi-zone climate control. Available in dual-, triple- and even four- zone options, these systems can maintain individual temperatures in different sections of the car. For example, in a dual-zone climate control system, the driver and the front passenger can set different temperatures for themselves based on their preferences.

10. Tilt and telescopic steering

Steering wheel adjustability is crucial to attain the best driving position and keep you comfortable even after hours behind the wheel. Most cars in India usually offer tilt or height adjustability as a standard, but at this price point, telescopic or reach adjust is also expected. An added bonus would be if the adjustment mechanism was an electric-powered one.

11. Auto parking

This one seems straight out of the magician’s hat. Still relatively uncommon, this feature is designed to make parking a breeze. When engaged, the auto parking system scans the surrounding, helps you identify a suitable parking space, let’s you shift into reverse gear and then will steer your vehicle into the space, while you control the accelerator and brakes. And yes, some systems can unpark as well.

12. Reversing camera with front and rear sensors

This camera allows drivers to clearly see what is behind them and in their blind spot without having to turn around and look, while the sensors beep based on the vehicle's proximity to an object. This will not only help reduce nicks and dents on your prized possession but also let the driver become aware of their surroundings while reversing.

13. Auto-dimming inside mirror

Also known as an electrochromatic mirror, it dims out glare from the headlights of vehicles that trail behind by darkening the mirror automatically. This is unlike many mainstream cars which rely on a day and night mirror that comes with a manual switch to do the job.

14. Electrically adjustable driver's seat

No more pulling of levers or exerting body force on different parts of the seat to get the right driving position. With an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, all this can be done with few dabs of some switches and whirring of electric motors. Seat adjustment can range from 12-way to 48-way, depending on the car model. Certain cars also offer a memory function which allows you to preset your favourite driving position.

15. Reclining back seat

If you are usually chauffeured around or if backseat comfort is important for someone in your family (an elderly parent, maybe), then this feature can be a deal-clincher. Most popular examples let you tilt the seatback angle making the rear seat comfortable enough to take a nap.

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