Are you also dreaming of beautiful and amazing blooms for your wedding day but working within a budget? No need to worry this blog will give you some excellent ideas on how to save on wedding flowers. Everyone wants to save on wedding flowers without sacrificing on their vision. Right from the bouquet to the centrepieces, flowers are one of the most important parts of wedding day décor.

Though wedding flowers are a vital component, it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune in order to complete your dream wedding day look. Getting the wedding flower that too on a budget is all about finding flowers that are in season, you need to select your floral strategically as well as find out the creative ways in order to save. You can easily get a wide variety of fresh flowers as per your budget from the flower shop in Dubai.

If you are in search to minimize the spend, then we are here to help you with thirteen smart ways to save on your wedding day flowers.

Go with silk flowers

Silk flowers look as beautiful as the real one and they also don’t wilt during the day, while you can also keep them forever. If you are not super keen on the idea of falsies then consider using these flowers here and there like for the boutonnieres or during the ceremony.

Stay local and seasonal

Local, in-season flowers are the perfect way to go. This is going to guarantee the freshest blooms as well as the stems will be less costly too. The second best-options are selecting from widely available year-round blossoms such as calla lilies, orchids as well as roses. Therefore, you will also get the opportunity to save on transport costs too, if you go for local flowers.

Select big blooms

Though Cymbidium Orchids is going to cost you more than spray roses but they will surely make a much grander statement in your centerpieces. Do talk with your florist about incorporating some pricier items into your arrangements as well as let your florist figure out how to make the pricing work.

Since these flowers pack a bigger punch which means that you need only a few of them.

Consider candles

Lanterns or candles are one of the best ways to add to the overall aesthetic while they also help in taking down the costs. Pillar candles or Candelabras often help to fill the table which means that your florist has to use very fewer flowers in the arrangements in order to make a statement.

The candles assist to soften the room as well as set the aura and your guests will also not know that they were a cost-saving measure.

Greenery over floral

The centerpiece which is full of blooms often sounds lovely but the costs will vary depending upon the floral as well as the work required. You can consider supplementing some wedding flowers along with lush greenery. You can mix silver dollar eucalyptus with flowers which will not only enhance the décor but will also cut back on the costs, diversifying the arrangements.

Save big by buying wholesale flowers

If you want to buy wedding flowers on a budget then it is highly recommended to buy flowers in bulk. You don’t have to pay the mark up that you would pay in a flower shop when you buy directly from a wholesale flower company.

Arrange your own wedding flowers

If you can manage to arrange your wedding flowers yourself, then you are surely going to automatically cut out the cost of hiring a professional florist or floral designer. You can recruit some of the talented friends, bridesmaids as well as family in order to help the flower arranging duties.

It is typically recommended to arrange your flowers the day before your event and if possible arrange the flowers in the morning of the event.

Bang a balance with your wedding flowers

You need to determine that what matters to you most when it comes to floral as well as categorize the floral budget accordingly. If you are dead set on having a large bridal bouquet with expensive flowers such as peonies then you can offset that cost by going easy on the centerpieces or vice versa because it’s all about creating a perfect balance.

You need to recognize the three things that you want most out of your wedding flowers and don’t try to short yourself on those things.

Substitute the inexpensive flowers for pricey blooms

There are many beautiful and gorgeous budget-friendly blooms available in the market in various styles and colors. In the market, there are many inexpensive filler flowers to pick that can easily add fullness to your flower arrangements and volume also.

Flowers such as dahlia and spray roses are just few alternatives that help to offer great savings.

Use only 1 to 3 flowers so your florist can buy in bulk
If you want different types of flowers then you and your florist have to buy in bulk which means that there will be lots of extras. These extras flowers can be used in different areas but remember that it also requires more work.

Each flower has to be cared properly and then arranged as required. With just two focal flowers you can make a big impact on your wedding décor. You can take the help of internet to get the perfect assortment of flowers with just one to three flowers.

Go green

Whenever possible, try to use the greenery in your arrangements. Without sacrificing style, lush leaves will assist you to fill the arrangements. Go for some leafy garlands, herbaceous bridesmaid bouquets as well as woodland such as ferns.

Consider a nonfloral alternative

Do you want to buck tradition? Some brides prefer to carry a religious symbol instead of a bouquet such as an heirloom rosary or a prayer book with a flower stem that is placed between the pages.

Repurpose arrangements

Your bridesmaids now don’t need to hold onto their bouquets after their ceremony. You can pop them into beautiful vases and spread them around the reception space.

These are amazing 13 ways to save on wedding flowers

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