Change is inevitable especially when it comes to lifestyle. There could be many factors for this change, this time pandemic took the bad lead.

Amid rising tensions of spreading of a deadly Corona Virus, all the respective governments opted to impose lockdown to curtail the spreading of this disease.

But in progress, the lockdown has shown adverse effects on the productivity of the people. They started feeling that stringent measures during lockdown are affecting their freedom of living. 

Everyone started breaking rules and some took the streets to protest again the lockdown. Is this really necessary? Do they feel that productivity can gain back by crossing the rules?

Absolutely No! is what we say from our end. Here we agree COVID lockdown has shown high negative impacts on all our social and economic life. 

So, here we are with a few simple tips to gain back your productivity by staying home and being safe. Try to imbibe them and feel the real change. 


11 Tips To Stay More Productive During Lockdown:

The first thing to know here is to what extent you have wasted or utilized your time never matters when you are looking to start a new lifestyle. Never look back, only carry your experiences from the past but not your mistakes. 


1. Start Reading:

Have you heard this "Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary"? Yes, this is true. Reading can not only increase your imagination but it can also help you in gaining concentration power, an increase in productivity skills, opulent knowledge, and retaining power.

No matter what, at least try to dedicate an hour or couple for reading, Choose any genre books on your interest they can be Business books, Novels, stories, Autobiographies, etc.  Create a schedule for reading and work on it.


2.  Stay Fit:

With our busy work schedules, we hardly find time to exercise or follow health tips. But how hard you run with your work-life without proper health you may not show your caliber in full potential.

Spare at least 45 minutes to exercise, You can see remarkable changes in productivity within weeks after the addition of exercise schedule in your lifestyle.


3. Work On Skill Development:

You must be procrastinating any of your interested field like graphic designing, music, painting, games, etc. Try to use this free time to learn those things, this is the high time where you can show your interest in it.

Create a schedule to learn, hire top quality resources, and practice regularly. Finally, fill those skill gaps in this lockdown. 


4. Imbibe New Cooking Habits:

This lockdown must be an eye-opener for our eating habits too. Everyone must cut down most of their outside eating habits and start practicing how to cook. Trust us, This is really a fun inducer.

Learning how to cook can also increase your knowledge of the eatables and their benefits. 


5. Start A Side Gig:

Lockdown has affected our economic life and we should learn how to not get affected again with the situation overturning again. So, this is the right time for us to realize and start a side gig to backup our economic life. Firstly you must decide what you are interested in then start a plan of action.

You can start a blog, freelance writing, online tutoring, DIY crafts, or anything you are capable of doing. Your side gig must be in such a way that it should make some extra money for sure.


6. Keep A Eye On Current Affairs:

What makes you stand out from the rest? 'Your Knowledge and Actions'. When these two things are gaining by one simple task, Is there any fault by imbibing? No, right?

Keeping an eye on current affairs can give you an extra edge over others. You will be aware of all the things happening around you and this can let you decide and make your actions. 


7. Improve Your Social Life:

Advancement in digital life has created a large void in our social life. This is the right time to kick back in by filling those voids by staying socially active. 

Spending time and knowing various opinions can let you know the mistakes you are committing all along your way. By spending more time with your beloved, you can kick out stress and boost your endorphins which can eventually increase your mood and help you to work more efficiently.


8. Learn To Manage Your Time:

Time and then we have learned how important is time in our life. If we fail to manage our time we can see the lowest peak in our productivity in no time. 

You should ace time management skills to see progress in your productivity. Time management can not only let you achieve more in a short time but can also help you to become self-disciplined. 


9. Prefer To Stay Unproductive Too:

In the hunt for opportunities and creative lifestyle, we have led our lives over hectic. We are being more active in less time, this can show negative impacts on our mental and physical health. 

Our body is built to take breaks to gain back its productivity. You should learn the right time to stay unproductive or free without doing anything. Here, you can even opt for various recreation methods like meditation, games, movies, etc. 

Don't let any of your unproductive things to gain control over your life and turn to vices. 


10. Create A Money Management Plan:

In our life everything more or less interlinked to money. Even if you have an opulent wealth or under the poverty line, at every level, it can show its mark by urging management skills.

Money can outflow easily if you cannot manage it. Learn to multiply it rather than spending more recklessly. Create a proper budgeting plan and stick to it religiously. 

Always choose a stake to invest in proper insurance plans like health, family, retirement, etc this can save your hard-earned money and can help you even in emergency situations.


11. Improve Your Hygiene:

Pandemics and various new diseases have already shown us the importance of staying hygienic. Improving your hygiene can help you stay healthy and productive.

Dirty wardrobes, no proper cleanliness of the home, irregular flossing, irregular bathing, not cleaning eatables, etc these are some commonly repeated mistakes by us. 

These all factors can lead to improper hygienic conditions which can ultimately affect your physical, mental health and can even push you to poverty by an increase in health spending.



The first baby steps to see progress in your productivity is understanding the situations and the way you react to it. Never panic or give up on the situation, no matter how hard it is. Alternatives are always omnipresent it is all about our patience and work which can find and solve them for us.

Staying productive means not engaging in work tasks all the time, But this is all about the right things to do

Author's Bio: 

Siva Mahesh is the Founder of Dreamshala. He shares his ideas on online business ideas, remote career opportunities, and freelancing. His writings have been featured on US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, USA Today, Databox, CEO Blog Nation, and more.