Modern business world is ever changing, more competitive and requiring individuals who will stand and be counted as leaders above others. When you stand head and shoulders above your own colleagues, employers will rush for you, business will come your way, your department will win all the prizes for good performance. As a professional in your own area of endeavor, know that your attitudes and attributes facilitate the well being of your subordinates. This has a direct impact on the altitude the company's vision will rise to. Do business like your entire life relies on it. If you are working for someone, take that business as your own, take responsibility of your area of endeavor and do the work well. Many professionals go to work for the money, for job security but behave like they cant wait to leave the place of employment. They carry themselves like victims of the work place always demanding for more salaries without justifying that with results. Your own results must claim a salary raise from your boss without your raising your voice and being emotionally charged about it.

Here are the pointers that will separate your from others:

1.Determination - You need to have a "No matter what", "Whatever it takes" attitude. Be determined to achieve that goal. Never be tempted to quit, never retire. You become the favorite of every employer when you show that you are a fighter. Even when you run your own business, determination carries the day. It separates wimps from achievers. Determination says "I may be standing in the fire now, but I am not moved by present pressure".

2.Diligent and Detailed - paying attention to the tasks at hand. Diligent people follow procedures line by line. They do not enjoy short-cuts. I have mentioned in another article that microwave solutions lead to microwave disasters. There is always the innate desire to arrive right away without considering that there are times and seasons we operate under. When you remain Diligent, your day of promotion comes and you go to the top to everyone else's amazement. Consider diligence as incubation for promotion.

3.Dependable Doer - When you can be trusted to be loyal, calling a spade a spade, being a person of your word, reliable and open, then you are positioned for promotion. No one wants to give power and influence to someone who is hard to understand, someone who shows signs of disloyalty and lacking trust. When you are dependable then everyone around you knows you do what you promise and sometimes beyond. They know you to DO more by going an extra mile to ensure quality is achieved.

4.Destiny Directed - No one would enjoy working with someone who has lost his or her moral, emotional and psychological compass. Direction towards Destiny here speaks of focus and vision and living purposefully. Every professional must answer the question on purposes succinctly. "Where am I now and where am I going?" When you can not answer this question without stammering then you are likely to be tossed around and shaken when others seem to make strides in their areas of endeavor. I have seen people spending years studying for Masters In International Law, or Masters in Medicine only to decide after such investment that they want to be a professional musician. I have no problem with this for as long as you don't live in regret over the time spent in your own professional wilderness hoping to please parents and the one paying college fees.

5. Distinctly Different - You need to be separate; to stand up and stand out. When you behave ordinarily you expect to be treated ordinarily. Carry yourself like a king. Carry yourself with Dignity and be distinct. You are not common. You are unique. When you stop copying the identity of others and move towards originality in speech and in action then your uniqueness will draw employers towards you.

6. Disciplined Delegator - When you commit to doing something, just do it. Why wait for other people to say go ahead unless such protocol is necessary in your culture. Be confident in who you are. Be secure in your role. You can not skin a whole cow on your own. Provide the knives, advise the teams accordingly and remain responsible for the outcome. Be hands on, ask for feedback, Do not shun your own responsibilities. You remain disciplined in your delegation lest you lead your team astray. They may take the roles given seriously but they still look up the leader to model and enforce discipline.

7. Daring Dreamer - You need to have audacious, adventurous, bold and courageous dreams and aspirations. You can not be professional who is not powered by dreams. What do you want to become in 5 years. You must be able to answer that in your sleep. Your dream is your blueprint by which your future hinges on. If you won't dream, why wake up as you have nothing to chase?

8. Deep seated Drive - (Passion). You can not motivate those around you when your "drive tank" is low. Believe me I have tried that and it does not work. Always recharge your batteries before you meet your teams. Take away all that which stinks (discouragement, boredom, tiredness). on that day get someone else to lead while you are re-sharpening and refreshing.

9. Decisively Direct - You must be able to make decisions quickly and directly. Professionals who take long to make decisions tend to miss opportunities for promotion to leadership. Leadership is about making decisions that move the business forward. Modern business requires quick, direct decision making as the world has become a lot faster. Information moves faster than it used to in other centuries hence your decision making process has to be quicker and yet direct.

10 Dynamic Deliverer When you are dynamic, you are full of energy and new ideas. Every employer has one expectation on you as a professional, they want you to deliver results. When you can deliver results, you make your company or department proud. Your attitude must be that of an achiever, a goal getter and someone whose fruits are unquestionably evident

Author's Bio: 

Rabison Shumba is a writer, businessman and philanthropist. Writer of the book The Greatness Manual which you can preview on Founder and CEO of Infotech Solutions and Greatness Factory Trust. Rabison speaks about success, leadership, motivation and inspiration. His trust works with disadvantaged school children supporting them with school fees and general livelihood. He also helps to network artists (musicians of all genres) to facilitate information sharing and building of future celebrities. Rabison is well traveled having been to Asia, America, United Kingdom and all over Africa. He is married to Jacqueline Edwards and they have two children. They reside in Harare, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.